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you know those pictures...

... of cute animal friends ?

well, this is what i see in my head :D

edit: why does deviantart sometimes change image sizes ? - the image i uploaded was 1000px wide ! :( [big thankies to *pirpintine who is a problem fixx0r :D]
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LOL >.< my new wallpaper[link]
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LOL this is very awesome! :D
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o.o The cat one looks cool...

>>; The dog made me LOL.
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This made me LOL so hard.. I love it <3
Dd-Ee-Ss-Tt-Ii-Nn-Yy's avatar
I simply love the kitties expresion!
i love the cats face!
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i LOOOOVE the expression on that cat's face.
omg, I love this. I don't do much photography, but
I can say this is adorable.
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AAW teh kitteh iz so cute!! :3
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haa hahhaha!! really funny!!
m0xie-s0ckz's avatar
Its like manbearpig, but not really.
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The bear cat is scary!!!!! Blah! Bat!!!!! i loves the kitten.
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the bear bunny is what I mean. well,that's just bunny.
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Oh, sure, the rabbit monster is brilliant.
But that CAT. Bravo.
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Holy cow!! =D This is amazingly great peace of art!! =DD I laughed so much! And this is a bit scary too O.o ..Well done indeed! *favorite*
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I worry about your mind... but there's great stuff in there!
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XD Love the expression of the cat!
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Haha sweet, you are very good and have a great imagination.
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xDD the kitty's expression bwahuahu !!
i love your works and this is so pretty *-*
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