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if he attacks you - just remember, he likes having his tummy tickled :D
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Wow, that is so well done!
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"Crocerocerous" has got to be the best sounding name ever, love saying it lol.
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This is an awsome image! Nice work.
IronNarwhal's avatar
>.> Looks like a dinosaur...
Blacktiger1321's avatar
XDXDXDXDXDXXD, woa if he attacks one....
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If I saw that thing charging at me, I know I'd run. I dun wanna be crocerocerous food.
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This is how Permian Synapsids probably looked like =) :+fav:
hairlessmonkee's avatar
should have kept the horns
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this one is awsome ... really good work ... i love it
abard's avatar
this is mind blowing stuff you got goin on!!!!

well done!!!!
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Tigerpops's avatar
Cool! It looks like some kind of dinosaur!
KoShiatar's avatar
I'm not going to the zoo anymore!
MrsVancha's avatar
This is WAY cool!! :+fav:
Springbokje's avatar
I Don't Wanna See That in The Zoo! xD
Kampy's avatar
nice photomanipulation - roxXx!
StellarWind's avatar
... I want one of those. >>
necrotoaster's avatar
Your stuff's so cool. I wish some of these animals were real.
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For some odd reason, I can see this animal actually living in the dinosaur age. o.o
NotedStrangePerson's avatar
This looks wonderfully like a dinosaur. Perfect blending.
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that is some great photomanipulation. Please Do more!
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