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Up and Up

and you can say what is, or fight for it
close your mind or take a risk
you can say it’s mine and clench your fist
or see each sunrise as a gift
we’re going to get it get it together I know
going to get it get it together and flow
going to get it get it together and go

up and up and up"…

I was browsing Equestria Daily and saw tomorrow was Rainbow Dash day. In reminded me that old pic I made in 2012 who got popular :
</p> FREEDOM by Imalou

I thought it was a chance for that piece to give it a new and modern version, here is it!
photoshop CC - 4h30
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What is that swing even attached to?
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I was so in love with your rainbow dash. My Tattoo Project is a mlp full sleeve. your rainbow dash is one of them. If I show a picture of my tattoo, I would like to mention you as an artist. if that's ok for you and you want it
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Really beautiful :iconrainbowheartplz:
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i am an anti brony, and the coloring to this is absolutely beautiful, stunning artwork.
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Dashie is such a qt
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Toujours plus haut ! Belle version moderne de ton ancien dessin que je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de mettre ici :…
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Merci beaucoup pour tout ces features ! j'apprécie beaucoup et j'accepte que tu continues sans soucis :)
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Interesting note: the hoof ring on the swings. I'd never have thought of that. 
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That's our Dashie!
Truffle-Shine's avatar
This is so cool! Great upgrade!
Love it!
>mfw I rubbed butter on the seat before she got on
AphelionMars's avatar
Wow, the colors are gorgeous and I love the sense of movement in her hair! Heart 
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i hate this show but I love this picture ^-^
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Hate's a pretty strong word. Why do you hate it?
FireNationPhoenix's avatar
i think it's extremely overrated and bland, I know I'm with the unpopular opinion but that's really how I feel. It also annoys me when the superfans ponyfy everything, I get that it's all in fun but really? I think some aspects of the show are pretty clever but most of it just bores me. If you enjoy it, that's great, it's your fandom. A lot of people hate my fandom and think mine is overrated and I respect that. I'm not judging if you like that fandom, that's the beauty of it all, we all have different likes and dislikes, MLPFIM just isn't for me. 
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
I totally respect that point of view. I don't get why someone would bother wasting energy hating it but at least you're cool about it. Btw what fandom are you into? 
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