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Tian Huo

She's ready to kick some butts!!!

Photoshop CC - 6h
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Fav char in Them Fighting Herds, dang cool pic as well shame i have a 2k screen :p
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She's amazing! Even though she's called a "dragon-horse," she looks a lot like a kirin, and I looove me some kirin! 
this isn't mlp, huhuhu.
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this is the best fanart of tianhou i have seen *w*
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I love the detail on this
Heilos's avatar
I'm so incredibly happy one of my favorite artists is drawing art from this game of best dragon horse. <3 So beautifully rendered! I love the scale to fur texture you did on her body, that looks really sick. :D
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*fall in love mod on*
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Wow! This work is so dynamic
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One of the best fan art of her I've ever seen! Bravo for making this amazing piece!
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I'm not good at air combos but I do like this character and is currently my main (but she talks a lot >.<)
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wha .. how? *picks up jaw from the floor*

Amazing rendering of this lovely character. Love how the different effects come together
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Wow, it looks so cool. Hope to see Velvet from you. I'm the lucky one who found you in game btw
ninjaxluvr's avatar
She looks so cool!
vest's avatar
Why hello there, brand new desktop wallpaper that I probably won't change for many many months.

Seriously, fantastic stuff here. Great lush colors, awesome detailing, excellent motion. Love it.
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lizard pony...Lizard Pony...LIZARD PONY. 
She is gorgeous. Such soft & beautiful colors.
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god that rendering is just so good
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Now I want to see how you're gonna do the rest of the TFH's characters!
I'm especially in love with the detail given to her skin (head and back) to even the little fur on her hoof!
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A Chinese title? Awesome😉
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