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Sleepless night

Sleep tight, twilot !
Photoshop CC - ~ 4h
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What brush do you use to make this????

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I'd drape a blanket over her and carefully remove her glasses. Sweet picture
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Awww. She's drooling.
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That is a nice picture. Twilight is so sleepy.
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Appearily sleeping can let to a great and powerful Dream.
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*Majestic bookhorse snoring*
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I love this! ^-^
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I'm mostly a night owl. Nice job there! X3
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One way to wake her up instantly is to tell her shes late for class. :D
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No, just tap a pencil out of place on the other side of the room. XD
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Hahahaha! :D
Or put a book or two out of place.
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Starlight Glimmer: Good morning, Purple Smart. Pulled another all-nighter?
Twily: Mmngrf... don't call me Purple Smart... (yawns) Good night... (back asleep)
Starlight: She looks so cute knocked out like that.
Spike: You should see her when she sleeps with her eyes wide open! That's when she's stress studying and has that crazy happy smile!
Spike and Starlight (together): Clock. Is. TICKING!!! (laughs and brohoof)
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The snoozing book horse in it's natural habitat 
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Heh, I wish I could carry her to bed.
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It is tiring for Twilight, time to sleep.
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Aww, little cutie pie needs someone to put her to bed and tuck her in.
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I love that Rainbow Dash pony in the background
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I bet she was working all night, right?
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