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"I'll be out of my mind
and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon.
So let's spend the afternoon
in a cold hot air balloon !"…

So first of all : I have to say sorry to my commission costumers :p I wanted to make a break of ponies/furries and work on my portfolio for an artist convention in two weeks. The problem was : after a week of work on more pro illustration I got hit of a huge artblock and frustration. I wanted to draw ponies but not spend hours on it, just something relaxing ! But my reason was keeping me out of the tablet so I don't draw ponies and draw SERIOUS stuff !! Well tonight I wanted to break that frustration and make some quick sketch.
So here is it :p I promise : I'm working on my portfolio !!! T_T)/

2h - Photoshop CC
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Il (elle?) est trop croquinou sur ces ballons ;u;
Très beau travail des couleurs
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darn that perfect face shading!
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Wonderful work
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That pony inhaled too much helium... 
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I love this! Cute and great! <3
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Un poney et c'est reparti !
VanessaKo's avatar
Wonderful colors 😃

You are an awesome artist!
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
Sweet Giggle: Hihihi ^_^ lovely.
SimeonLeonard's avatar
Hahaha, never heard that song but I could tell from the lyrics it was Owl City :lol:

What a fun picture! Lovely work!
Shamy-Crist's avatar
 Valentines Birb Dance Happy Pink Raven Happy Pink Raven Happy Pink Raven kawaii!!!
WysteriaCampion913's avatar
This is like Pinkie Pie's daughter or something. I LOVE IT! :PinkyPiela: Pinkie Pie OMG Icon pinky pie party canon emoticon pinkie pie (boooring) plz Out of context [Pinkie Pie] 
FireFizz4444's avatar
i'm pretty sure it's a boy from the show x) (not related to pinkie at all :/ )
WysteriaCampion913's avatar
I havn't watched the show since twilight got wings. But still let me believe. :P
Paeunia's avatar
StePandy's avatar
Fantastic!! *v* 
Imalou's avatar
thank you <3<3
JaegerPony's avatar
I bet he has something to do with the movie "Up", it would just make so much sense! :o
HopefulDragon's avatar
This is SO cute! I love his eyes they're so expressive! :D
Imalou's avatar
thanks a lot <3
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SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTEChat Friendly Emotes awesome Chat Friendly Emotes awesome Chat Friendly Emotes awesome 
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