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Today the french brony community lost someone precious, someone kind and creative, someone that was always positive. Guillaume also known as Python, was 27 years old when he died this saturday, during his airsoft play, fell in a hole that took his life.

Today I lost a friend, a guy I first met in the first french brony convention, Bronydays 2013. He loved to cosplay and was wearing this Soarin suit, we were in the waiting line talking about things and had fun for a hour, he was very kind and since I was always happy to see him during conventions.
He used to go to a lot of conventions, sharing his love for cosplay. Him and his group won three consecutive times the cosplay contest at Galacon.
Guillaume was loved by many, his family, his girlfriend, his airsoft friends, his brony friends... We will miss you a lot.

Here's my tribute for him, I hope you rest in peace buddy…
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Shit man. That's fuckin sad.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It is so hard losing someone like that.
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Wow, on sent que tu y as mis beaucoup d'émotions, en l'apercevant de loin je l'ai trouvé particulièrement beau et brillant dans sa composition. Sincèrement désolée pour ton ami... :huggle:
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*Ties a black strip of cloth over his Wonderbolts Uniform arm, and removes his hat and tucks it against his chest as he lifts his wings to the sky*

Go now, into the peaceful sky, where storms shall never touch you. Rise now, upon the winds, and let them bear yours soul into the heavens.

Rest now, brother in arms, and let not the sorrow of those left behind darken your days.

From another fan of the Wonderbolts, and a brony in the US, I offer my condolences. May he rest in peace, and may he sit now beside Celestia and Luna for now unto forever ;3…
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*puts hand on chest while grasping Airsoft Five seven, also salutes for the loss of a fellow brony and airsofter*
My condolences
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*reads description*

OI WONDERBOLTS! Raise your flags at half-mast... this is important. 
My condolences to all people who loved him. But i'm sure he is in a better place now, without any harm or sufferings. And he is happy, knowing that he is not forgotten and still loved.
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beautiful tribute to your friend, i'm so sorry for your loss
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This is both cool and emotional!
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I'm sorry about rhe friend though :( may he rest in peace...
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Je ne le connais pas mais c'est vraiment très triste ... RIP :(
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That's so sad, i hope you'll feel better soon
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I personally dont like the pony pictures but this is very nice and very thoughtful. Nearly cried
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My God, I'm truly sorry about your loss. I can tell you two were very close. I'll bet he would've loved this.
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This is so terribly sad.. I'm so sorry you lost such a good friend. This artwork is absolutely stunning, and definitely a worthy tribute. :heart:
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Qu'il repose en me manquera aussi
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Holeh shet ! I'm french myself And I didn't even knew ! I mus go to his tomb and press F
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Such beautiful artwork and very touching farewell. Wish I could enjoy it, but I simply can't. It's heartbreaking to hear about that the events which inspired you to draw it. Sincerest condolences.
Every time I see or hear the word "Farewell" I think of the Sephiroth fight in Kingdom Hearts II, and I was going to make a joke about that but now that I know what the "Farewell" was actually for it doesn't feel right to do so. I also want to nitpick your grammar but I'm pretty sure you're not in the mood for that.
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A dismal cause, but still a great piece of art.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Imalou. Last year I lost a friend I knew through the brony community too, and by coincidence he happened to be 27 years old as well. I know how devastating can such a loss be, especially given the young age and the unfulfilled life and potential he leaves behind. Your tribute to him is beautiful and I couldn't hold down tears when absorbing the emotions pouring out of the painting.

I wish you a lot of strength and courage. We're here for you.
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Man that sucks...:(
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Just saw your comment in the comment section on EqD. I'm very sorry to hear he passed away. My thoughts, prayers and wishes go out to all his family and friends.

It's a beautiful piece of artwork in his memory and I'm glad Seth decided to header the Drawfriend with it.
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