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Countess Coloratura

I couldn't stop listening to Lady Gaga songs while painting this..... She really reminds me her :o
Photoshop CC 2014 (yeah I changed my software ! this one is much better than CS6)
around 5h-6h
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Would you be able to make a landscape ver? suitable for 16:9 monitors? willing to commission

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"And from Podgorica on RTCG, Countess Coloratura and Lady Gaga live on stage!"

Coloratura: Helllooooooo Montenegro! Are you ready to enjoy my company and the show? Well, shall we begin?
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turn it all up

I generally hate stylised ponies but you capture so much of the original art style in yours while adding what is needed to make it work in 3D, seriously awesome.
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Oh my goodness, this is absolutely beautiful!!!! Rara is one of my faves right now, and I think you captured her really well! I love the facial expression you painted on her!
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Wow great job here well done,I love my little pony:hug:
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Great dawning I looks so cool
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MLP Lady gaga. HEU HUE HUE
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DAMN IT! Stupid sexy Rara! Love 
I prefer the countess's edm over rara's soft piano any day
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I love the tones and texture of the piece! The angle is really good to and I love the colors too! Great work on this!
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:heart: She's amazing Love 
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Nice lighting and style! Makes her look very glamorous~ :heart:
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I like coloratura she's cool.
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