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The best convention EVER ! :iconajlovesapplesplz:

Commission for my fellow Galafuckers, we're going to have a great galacon together buds !
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What if the Mane Six did what I hear Doctor Who actor Patrick Troughton did at some conventions: just go wearing distinctive costumes they'd once worn, and let everyone assume they were high-end cosplayers until they were ready for a big reveal? 😁

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looks like rainbow partied a little bit TOO hard..

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At least we can be pretty sure she didn't have to pay for any of the drinks. I'll bet crowds were fist-fisting over who'd get to buy her the next one and maybe hit on her.

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I can see that everypony had a wonderful time, expect Rainbow over there! XD
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Hey, she finally got all the cider she could drink... :)
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Are... are you okay there Flutters?
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Whoa...mustve been a rough night for poor Dashie there! 😨
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man..... rainbow dash did it a bit too hard
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Looks to me like Rainbow Dash had a little too much hard cider, if you know what I mean.

Also, is this in Mane-hattan? It looks it.
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The real MVP's up in da con!
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Pegasus need to be lightweight in order to fly better!
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Lol, look who drank too much 😸
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OMG, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Really love all the pony interactions in here & how well you've done that
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Why is no one talking about that banner. It's scaring me.
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AJ just got out of heaven. And I guess Dash only visited the cider section. What? No apple costume? I'm disappointed.

Awesome work
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Appul horse is in heaven!  So cute!
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L'autre qui vomi derrière; XD Elle a fait une overdose de jus de pomme. 
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AJ is really enjoying herself with that cute face. xD
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