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So Applejack had 41% on my poll and I didn't wanted to draw Fluttershy (sorry D:) so here's a portrait of Applejack :3

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More from Imalou, and of course, it is very nice. The lines are smooth, most of them. There's a part on the bottom of the ear that looks clipped, other than that, nice lines. The colours give off a warm feeling the eyes are well moist and reflective along with the green iris in a realistic feel of imperfection. The hair blends in with the light source, and depending on the person that may or may not be the best thing, though I personally like it. The straw is a nice touch, it is also very uniform with the mouth which in its own right is quite detailed. The ear is nice though it is not as detailed as other parts of the body and the job seems like it was the quickest to get done whereas the eye looks to have taken the most effort. The picture is unbalanced, but overall a nice picture, I would still recommend friends look at this art.
Some areas you could work on if you so desire: Line smoothness (just no sudden changes in angle like where the ear seems clipped, very minimal), balance of detail... I think that's it. Good work, keep the art coming.