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Silky Scale Brushes



These are the scales brushes I used in the painting

I drew them first by hand and then played with the brush settings until it worked for me ^^

Just a few notes:

I put them on a new layer ontop of whatever I want to look scaly, and set the layer to 'Overlay'. Then I apply a layer style of "bevel and emboss" and fiddle around with the settlings until it looks good for my purpose. In the pic above, I set it to 'pillow emboss' with the shadow and highlights set to Overlay as well, and had a very high depth but low bevel size. Complex I know, but it's all just a matter of playing around and having fun.

Also, the scales change direction according to your brush stroke. Have a play before you start something to see how they work ^^;

Enjoy! And please I'd love it if you would show me what you do with these if you use them :) --- PLEASE NOTE: I probably won't be able to comment back to you anymore, I just haven't the time, but I still do drop by and check out the things you've done :) :) thanks everybody!

PS. These were created with Photoshop CS3. I don't know how well they work with Photoshop versions lower than CS.
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Brilliant. Thank you!