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Lush Grass Brush

This is the brush I used in my painting The Dwellers.

Just to let you know, I also painted some grass blades in by hand with a small brush to give it more variety ^^.

I made this with Photoshop CS3 so... I'm not sure how well that meshes with other Photoshops. I think, if I'm not wrong, that all the CS versions will be able to use it, but I'm not sure about anything earlier than that. Sowwy.

This is my first time uploading a brush so... I hope I did it right. o.o
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Used it here <3
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erm? and where IS the brush?
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Awesome brush!
Tank you (=
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I used your brushes on this image here…
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very nice work. I love the depth you have where the grass vanishes into the black background :P
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is it possible to make for MediBang?
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Thank you for the grass brushes :D I used it on one of my illustration (… ). Hope you don't mind. :)
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing
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downloaded, thanks O.O
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Do I need to reference you or anything if I use this brush?
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No it's all good - I mean I'm very happy if you do, but I give this brush out freely for people to use and enjoy. Credit is nice but not a requirement of usage, even for commercial work. I do love to see what people come up with though if you wanted to post a link to your work here :)
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Well here's the first thing i used it for:…
I'm new to digital art, so it's not that good, but practice is practice
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