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...In the Cavern...

By Imaliea
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52K Views will find.... this guy! boo! don't worry though, he's just a curious merman. I painted him because realised it was kind of blasphemous, me having been crazy about merfolk since I was a tiny tot, that I'd never actually painted one! o.o so I set out to fix that.

I used a few custom brushes for this, but they're ones that I created myself - one for the scales, and one for the reflective light in the water. I'll upload them if people are interested :)

Oh and PLEASE fullview, it's worth it I promise :)

EDIT: In case anybody wants it, I will make a print available of this

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DO NOT steal this artwork or use it without permission
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Dude, I'm a massive fan of mermaids, & your take on the mythical creature in this piece is magnificent. I'm really digging how you executed that water reflection, too. Excellent work. Clap 
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I love it!!!:la: :la: totally awesome!
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I LOVE IT!!! WHAT A BEAUTY!!!+favlove +favlove +favlove 

Technically, that's me... at least, according to a test  that appeared in Facebook: WHat mythological creature are you? or something like that.

And don't worry about stealing from me... can't swim, anyway! Pikachu-lol Pikachu-lol Pikachu-lol 
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How can you draw so well? My photos just gets boring. Would not you be able to post some tutoruas? It would make a lot! And thank you for your beautiful pictures and your hard work.
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I love this :D i really like how you did the reflective light... i have been trying to achieve the same effect in my own art, but can never get it right. What brush did you use? :)
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Thank you!! The brush I used is actually one I made for myself just for this reason -- it's a bit old and you have to use it kinda carefully or it won't look realistic, but here it is:

Water Reflection Brushes by Imaliea

My tip would be to erase or add to bits of what you've just painted with it, so it fades better, don't just let the brush do all the work :)
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Awesome :D i used this brush yesterday on this pic… the brushes were really helpful, thanks :)
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Very beautiful.

Please don't take this offensively if it isn't, but did you have Kristen Stewart as inspiration or just finish watching one of her movies? o; Could just be me, but the face holds her likeness!
Imaliea's avatar
Hey there! Thank you very much :)

No offense taken! Actually at the time I painted this (it's seriously old), I didn't even know who Kristen Stewart was hahaha and, since it's of a male (merman), I guess the offense would more be towards her, if he looks like her? Hahahaha! Sorry, I'm being cheeky (not a Kristen Stewart fan). I do see what you mean though, they've both got a similar profile and no expression ;)
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I think the most interesting thing about this painting is the play of colours, amidst the dark blue tones. Beautiful work! :)
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Very interesting textures!
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so beautiful, amazing color *.*

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I love the vibrance of the colours..bright but not overwhelming or forced :)
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:iconcarreyplz: this is really B-E-A-Uuuuutiful 
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That's so impressive! I love it :)
ShiyomiChama's avatar
The color scale is just wonderful! I love your work!!
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I really like the colors and lighting here, good job!
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He looks so sexy.:) Amazing work!
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Omg! It's just brilliant. 
Pretty, lively colours and good idea :aww:
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Wow those colors! *-* Beautiful, and the pose is great!! :la:
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Wow, nice perspective :thumbsup:
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