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How to Paint Fire


Note: Updated because the silly PDF previewer showed my gradiant-coloured fonts as black (wtf?) -_-' it should look a LOT better now.

:wave: Here it is! A short tutorial on how to paint fire, a technique I used when painting this:

Those who favour fire by Imaliea

Calling it version 1.0 for now :D I hope this helps!

If there's anything you'd like clarified, let me know. I've got a backlog of over 6,600 messagse to sort through (and I appreciate every one!!), so it may take me a little bit to respond to everyone's comments - rest assured I will read them all, it just takes me a while since I don't get a lot of DA time. But eventually I WILL answer all questions.

If you've got an important question though, please Note me instead.

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in this tutorial - enjoy!

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wow thanks for sharing :)
espritnoir's avatar
I'm late to the finding but thank you for sharing this
CallMeHarbinger96's avatar
I'm totally going to use this. Thanks!
LouhiArt's avatar
amazing tutorial, thanks!
Muriee's avatar
This is a great tutorial, thank you very much! :)
meacia's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial! It is amazing!
Synaes-tea-sia's avatar
I have no word to tell you how much I love this.
I'm afraid I'm not as good as you, but it helped a lot while I was drawing this piece:…
Thank you! =)
ProsecutorBlackquill's avatar
Incredible. I thought this is a photo at first. You know how to paint hyper-realistic :)
kyleloewyartist's avatar
Thank you.  I can't seem to get that soft brush you are getting.  I have my "Brush Tip Shape" size > 9px, angle > -16, roundness > 40, hardness > 0, spacing > 1%, "Size Jitter" > Control > Fade, "Angle Jitter" > Control > Pen Pressure, "Airbrush" and "Smoothing".  I get stuck on Step Three.  I have trouble replicating what I see in the picture provided   
Elvishprincess25's avatar
This is an amazing tutorial this is going to help me immensely, your work is just gorgeous!! o.O <3 Thank you
Casiro's avatar
Wow, this is just... Perfect! I LOVE this Tutorial, seriously! :happybounce: 
SilenceOfRain7's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial! The flames are so beautiful!! I will for sure use this!!
ZiggyTurtle's avatar
Thank you very much for this tutorial. It is really helpful <3
Scrysis's avatar
Best fire tutorial out there.  Period.
panjityas's avatar
thx for the tutorial! :D
Aaron-Radney's avatar
This is a pretty awesome tutorial. Would you mind if I put a link to it on my Facebook page so my other friends would have easy access to see it? 
Imaliea's avatar
Please go ahead! :) thank you!
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wow! this will be really helpful!!!
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