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November 6, 2012
Dante and Vergil in Hell Redux by *Imaliea is a fantastic reinterpretation of a famous painting.
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Dante and Vergil in Hell Redux

Inspired by William-Adolphe Bouguereau's painting of the same title (though he spells it Virgil, I think). I took the pose of the two naked men fighting and painted Dante and Vergil from DMC3 in their place ^^; lots of creative license used here >_>

Artwork © Imaliea
DO NOT steal this artwork or use it without permission
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That is not Dante and Vergil, on the original painting they are observers to this scene. This is two damned souls fighting, alchemist falsifier and a man that stole identity from a dead man to take his inheritance. Didn't pay attention on your art history classes ?

Having failed on two occasions to win the Prix de Rome (1848 and 1849), Bouguereau was hungry for revenge. His early submissions to the Salon reveal this fierce desire to succeed. After his ambitiousEquality before Death (1849), the young man aimed to create an impression once again. He put forward an even larger painting inspired by Dante whose work was much loved by the Romantics and who captured all its dramatic beauty. This painting was inspired by a short scene from the Inferno, set in the eighth circle of Hell (the circle for falsifiers and counterfeiters), where Dante, accompanied by Virgil, watches a fight between two damned souls: Capocchio, a heretic and alchemist is attacked and bitten on the neck by Gianni Schicchi who had usurped the identity of a dead man in order to fraudulently claim his inheritance.
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Have you read the description? The artist said that they placed Dante and Vergil in place of the two fighting men.
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Awesome!!! I really like it alot
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This is very very beautiful! I love how it is all so smooth and it works well with the characters!
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OK if I use this on Bouguereau Remastered?
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I never realized you got a Daily Dev for this Emmery. Good work, lovey!
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I was very surprised I tell you what!!! Thank youuuu --- you get my last email huh huh huh???
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I dunno if I did, what did it say? After I recovered from being ejected from the horse I got a really bad viral infection that I've had for more than a month. BLAH! I SAY! BLAH!
Imaliea's avatar
You, my dear, have had the worst run of bad luck I have ever seen! You poor thing :( :( hopefully that's the last of it! I can't remember what I said in the email, probably wasn't too important haha just touching base!
CJCarlow's avatar
Check your email!
Imaliea's avatar
Checked and replied!
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I checked and replied toooooo. <3
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Dante !! T-T
Vergil ! Don't eat your brother ! èAé
AngelofLight22's avatar
Vergil: I eat yo face!
Dante: :iconohshitplz:
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Vergil rules anyway!
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D o you know what they are supposed to be doing in the original painting or your fanfic?

I read the Divine Comedy up to Canto XXVI but I'm not sure if there was any scene like this..
or I would go back and read it again :iconderpinaplz:
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Heehee :D To be honest, originally it was the painting by William Adolphe B that caught my eye, hence I really only know the bare bones of what it's about from reading about the painting -- I've never read the Divine Comedy, though it's been on my bucket list. Possibly there never was such a scene...oh well!
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Oh I was just wondering because Dante and Virgil are very nice pairs in the story actually.. <3 Virgil is shown as a protective guide,a Messiah who will save Dante from error -- his role model kinda..^^;..and Dante calls Virgil as Master, so when I saw this painting I was like 'oh! this is so freaking awesome.. for some reason :iconmegustamemeplz:
..and then I was impressed of William Adolphe B's original idea that someone from centuries ago could illustrate the characters in this way O.o;
I also love your remake that how Dante looks feminine and Virgil looks muscular. I think Virgil is more fitting for Dante's partner/lover than Beatrice, who is his Divine Love in the book.

Oh I'm becoming a fan girl of the Divine Comedy ; u ;; anyway it's a great book! :iconilavplz:
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this is so damn sexy beyond comprehension. *_*
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why thank you ;)
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You got it rigth!.
It's a good painting, you did well -_- but I don't like that you made Vergil out to be vampiric. Or at least, that's what it seems anyway. Makes me think of Twilight tweens e_e
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there are other types of vampires besides the twilight vamps, you know. and besides, the biting part makes this picture even better! xD
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Yay to vamps-other-than-Twilight!

Also, thank you! :D
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