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I'm a lot of places online...……

Today is :iconunrealfox:'s birthday so, it's also time to spend with my mate since I don't have money to spend on him. Time is sometimes more valuable.
If you have one watch me there, because I update the most on my furaffinity page.

The other sites I usually forget to update. >.<…

See ya there. :D

Let's see your zombie face!
4 years here... That's a long time. :)

It's been nice, and there has been drama. (A lot of drama.) But then after a while... I decided it's time to do away with Imago3d (not Imago) but the persona of Imago3d. It was nice I could get the name here and I've had the name for years as But now... I just find no joy in coming here as Imago3d. I used to look forward to logging in to DA and looking around, but as the years went on. I just find no joy or happiness in it. I don't find joy in creating new artwork or models as Imago3d.

Truth is... I haven't logged in here since July. (This'll be the first time since then.) I just don't feel the same joy and pizzazz as I once did for artwork I created as Imago3d. it just isn't the same as it used to be. I just don't feel like it's the same anymore. I thought about it for a long time too. so while still logged in every once in a while I just don't think it's fair to come here.

I don't know I think it's because I decided to become a writer again rather than artist. I mean I still like to create art I just don't do it anymore because it bores me. I don't have any good ideas anymore I think I used all my good ideas of a long time ago... So, as I stand here dictating to the computer I wonder if anybody will actually care.

Because of our for four years and rarely never got any more fans I kind of tapped out after a while I guess I Doubt because I stopped doing interesting things I don't have the artistic vision that everybody else seems to have mostly I just create to create, argued to argue, and have fun to have fun. Now, I don't see a point in it anymore since... Well, I just don't know.

I mean I would definitely do mumbles of those being paid for it, but I guess that's just the way it goes.

So saying, if anybody feels the need to contact me you can e-mail me at or

I'll probably check in here and there, but there's not much time for me to do art as I used to. So, don't be offended if you note me, or leave a comment and I don't answer for a few months. (Easier to just send an email.)

Well, be safe and have fun everyone. :)

Going to this link?…

See if you get one too.
1. Who do you admire most in the world? (Be they real, fake, or imagined.)

All the people I admire most have always seemed to disappoint me. My idol for many years turned out to be... Not who I expected and in no way professional. It's sad when you build someone up like that. Although, the books and all the knowledge I gained in 3D by following this person was an experience that I do treasure. I'd say that the person I admire the most is my Fox. :iconunrealfox: He's just got such a knack for picking up on learning things so quickly... And can explain things in terms my poor old brain can understand. So, that's who I admire the most.

Imagined or Fake people I admire the most... Batman... All the way.

2. Why do you admire them/him/her/it?

I think I answered that about Fox. But why I admire batman? Because batman rules! He's smart, cunning, strong, and as long as it isn't nipple Batman... He's kick ass. (Nipple batman... Really... What were they thinking?!!!!!!"

3. If you were a spice what would it be?

Knowing :iconkuromeru-panthar: he wants an answer like Sporty Spice, or Posh Spice... (Those are the only two I remember...) But I'm going to say Paprika, because it spices up anything and everything.

4. If you could have an extra body part(s) what would it be?

Two more arms.

5. Why that?

Because then I could do a lot more. I could carry more... I could lift more... I could do a lot more.

6. Do you hate anyone? (Be they real, fake, or imagined.)

Hate is such a strong word, but yes I do... In real life... My one and only sister.

Imagined or Fake... (You thought I was going to say Joker, right? But naw, I like the Joker.) I would say I really dislike Po.

7. Why?

Because she is an idiot and a mother's precious pet...

And Po, because he's just a big, fat, panda... (I actually like movie Po more than Legends of Awesomeness Po. Legends of Awesomeness Po is a douche. But the real reason I don't like him is because I don't really care about Jack Black... He's got an air of arrogance about him that really puts me out.)

8. If you could live in any time period what time period would you live in?

Feudal Japan or Medieval England. 

9. Why?
But if I couldn't be a guy in that time period. (Since women had no rights.) I would rather re-live the 80's. But this time doing it right. XD

10. Do you dread anything?

The end of the story... 

11. If so, what and why?

Because every story ends up with people sad in the end...

12. What is the dumbest thing you ever did?

Move to Nebraska.

13. Why did you do it?

Because I was young and stupid.

14. How old are you?

Oh god... Too old. 

15. How old are you mentally?

Probably around 80... Getting senile...

16. Favorite candy?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Chocolate Covered Pretzels

17. Favorite Mexican? ;) (Wink) (*crosses fingers*)

(JK... :iconkuromeru-panthar:)

18. Favorite hobby?

3D, writing, code (be it HTML, PHP, or C++ -- or #)

19. If you had the chance to do one thing over in life. What would it be?

Not get in an arm destroying car accident.

20. Why would it be that?

Because then I would still be able to play the piano... I would probably still been in a band, and I'd probably be making crappy music like the stuff on the radio... OMG... It was a blessing and not a curse. XD (Fuck that.... I'd still like to not have nerve damage in my left arm. >.< )



So, if you have the time vote. I hope this little girl gets it. She's been through hell in her so far short life. So, it's about time she got a break. (Even if it is just a van.)
Thank you for your valuable input! Please accept our offer of 15% off deviantART Gear and/or Prints! Use the following code to claim your discount:


I don't buy DA stuff.
Is a funny saying because it was never actually said. So, it's a myth because Marie Antoinette was not a tyrant or a mean spirited or vindictive person.  

I, however... Am.

Keep that in mind.

:iconforrestgumpplz: That's all I have to say about that.
What do frogs, kittens, and superheroes have in common?

They make really cute valentines that could brighten the day of some boys and girls this Thursday.

I just sent a valentine to children with disabilities that receive services from Easter Seals, and I hope you'll send one now, too. Cute valentines, happy kids…it's a win-win situation!

It's really easy: Just pick out your valentine design and sign your card online. Do it before Thursday so Easter Seals can send it along to a child with disabilities on Valentine's Day.

Here's the link:…


P.S. In case you didn't know, Easter Seals is a great organization that provides services to children and adults with disabilities that help them achieve personal goals. They are helping people with disabilities live better lives – and today you can be a part of that, too!

That's the form letter. I am a very big activist  when it comes to helping children with disabilities. So, just sending an online valentine to a child that isn't fake... Well, that says a lot. I guess the Easter seals people didn't want to fake address the valentine's... So, I sent one from myself and one from Imago. (Okay, I guess it's cheating, but hey... It's an extra valentine. XD ) Just wish I could see the difference I make, but I guess that's the whole thing...
A friend of mine :iconrachidile: has fallen on some hard times. (Being laid off/fired sucks!) He's offering some commissions to try to make money until he lands another job. Take a look...
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. :) It made me happy to see all the birthday wishes when I signed in today. :)
Why would it have? Just because a calendar ended? I know there's probably a ton of journals out there. But I really want to know from the fear mongers who told everyone the world was ending, and scaring people left and right... Why didn't it end?

This is because I know the people who fear monger people will have some excuse. Their calculations were wrong. The planet wasn't aligned... Some people did die... They'll have excuses left and right about why it didn't end. The reason it didn't end is because we'll probably never know the real time of our demise. If you believe in God and have read the bible then you will have read where it says that no one will know the day of the end except for God. This being because if someone found out... It would unmake existence... To prove God wrong is to unmake God. No, I'm not a Christian... Or anything else. I'm not religious either, but I've studied the Bible because I like to be informed and I like to be able to give arguments when I'm presented with them. By far the best answers I've ever gotten about religion were from a Rabbi.

But enough about religion... Let's talk about the Mayan calander. The calendar ended, but it's like most long count calanders... It cycles. So you could use the same calendar again tomorrow. Like the speedometer on a car once it gets to zero the car doesn't quit running. The Mayans also never had a prophecy about the world ending. This was invented by the fear mongers who in the quest to get people freaked out... Made the whole thing up. Mayans were known for advance calanders, astronomy, and many other things. They were like the Greeks of the new world.

Now, let us also talk about the zombies... Why would anyone think there would be zombies? If the world is ending by some catastrophe... The dead are not just going to start rising and eating brains. That would be silly. It also wouldn't make any sense from a scientific standpoint. In order for a body to work... Blood must pump through the veins to supply the limbs with nutrients and make them work. When you die... The blood is usually drained or mixed with formaldehyde, and this process is known as embalming. This is to ensure that the people they bury are dead, and also to preserve the body while it is waiting for the showing and funeral. Bad blood = No work. So, a body can't just get up and start eating people.

Now, what else... Oh, yes... That planet Niburu that Nasa has been hiding from us. It doesn't exist... If there were a planet it would be big news. If it were close enough to get to, then our scientists would do it. There would be a lot of fanfare much like there was for the "moon landing" if anyone believes that happened... Anyhow, when a planet is discovered... It's a really big deal. People want to know about it. It wouldn't be kept hush hush. Nasa isn't lying to anyone because most of the discoveries from Nasa are made by amateur astronomers all over the world. Nasa gives credit to those who find new celestial bodies, comets, stars, etc. Because they don't have the time or the man power to do it all alone. But the conspiracy theorists will tell you about the huge gaping holes in the star charts... Star charts are made up of hundreds of tiny pictures of space with thousands of stars in them. It's not that they are hiding these quadrants... It is that they haven't gotten to them yet, and therefore... There are holes at the moment. Rest assured they will be filled eventually. But it will probably take a few years.

Then there are those who will say it's going to happen tomorrow... Really? The conspiracy theorists gave us a time 11:11am GMT. The world didn't end. No planet crashed in to Earth (if anything was going to crash in to us... We'd see it before it happened. It wouldn't be sudden... We'd know weeks in advance.), no zombies, no world disasters, nothing...

The pole reversal... This happens all the time. It's not a big thing, and it won't mean the end of the world. In fact the world is always at a tilt. It's not completely up and down.

Solar flares... Solar flares happen all the time as well. If you do some reading you'll know that the sun is always giving off solar flares. This happens a lot, and ham radio enthusiasts have a field day with it. Although, some solar flares can cause disruptions of radio, cell phone, and other computerized stuff. There has never been a solar flare so huge that it emp'd (electro magnetic pulse) the world. The threat of this ever happening is minimal. Not saying that it couldn't happen, but saying it would have to be one hell of a huge solar flare to do so.

The entire deal is... Don't let these conspiracy theorists make you afraid to live life. Let them live in fear. Or think of them as I do... Trolls. They want to get you talking about their latest doomsday prophecy, and they want you to buy their books, manuals, or whatever else they may be selling. They want you to run out and tell your friends... And then what? They have a good laugh? Probably... Especially, if you bought something from them. The whole thing is silly.

I now return you to your life... And if you need a little pick me up...…
Because sometimes a poll just doesn't work. XD…
Will be on my other accounts. Just finished one and uploaded it to furaffinity, inkbunny, and sofurry. But it's too adult for here. (Breaks the rules.)

So, I'll put up some of the tame pics here, but all the adult stuff will be on my other accounts.

I might be making porn again sometime. If anyone likes porn you can check me out on:

Inkbunny Username is Imago
Furaffinity Username is Imago
Sofurry Username is Imago

Actually, my website will also have my pics, and that's, but I'm lazier about updating my website.

This is the only place where I have a different username. So, you can watch me on those sites as well.

Anyhow, I now return you to your regularly scheduled stuff.
If I were going to do adoptables they would be different than these colorings you see where you just buy a color scheme from someone. They would be a set of morphs (possibly props like tails and the like if they were for Victoria) and texture mat files.

My question is would this interest anyone? And if it does... What models would interest everyone? V4/M4/A4 (which is just V4 morphed. ;) )/H4 (Same as A4 but for M4.) or Melody/Micah. (I would try Genesis but the way the morphs have to be set for her... I'm just not comfortable enough with Daz Studio to make anything for her just yet.)

Also of course these would be for actual cash not points. But you'd get a lot more than being able to just claim a color scheme.

So, thoughts on it?
I decided to open up an auction. :)…

I was considering doing adoptables at some point. (Pretty much different than everyone else's adoptables...) These would be done in 3D and would give you the morphs and mats to apply them to your own models. I don't know if it would work, though. But if there's enough interest in them... I may just do it. XD…

I'm not running low on ideas, but I would like to know what everyone might like to see. I'm working on some new girls, but would anyone want to see guys or are gals just cuter?

Anyhow, my next pic (I'll work on it tomorrow). I'm really going to enjoy. Features one of my new girls, and I'm hoping everyone will enjoy her.

Well, take the poll and let me know what interests you and what you'd like to see (subject matter wise... I don't create people's OC's... Yet... Maybe someday...).
Like? Dislike? Or don't care?