Confessions of an artist
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Have you ever wondered if your favourite artists have similar fears while working in the industry? In this video I (Bobby) share with you truthful confessions from my own experiences.
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Llythium-artProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing, it's good to see that even the greatest are still dealing with problems of that kind. Not that i'm happy that you're struggling too, not at all, it's just that it helps going through it (i don't wanna be disrespectful, sorry >///<)
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LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing Digital Artist
Thanks for this video! :) Sometimes you need a kick in the butt to get going again and sometimes it helps to know that even successful artists have the same struggles. Appreciate the video, it's an eye opener :heart:
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KeiraHarcourtProfessional General Artist
I finally signed up! Looking forward to getting through quite a few lessons with my subscription and will make sure to spread the word to my followers on all my social media pages. Thanks Bobby for your help, these videos have always been great to watch and a good eye opener.
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amahakianangelHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the video! Very informative, and I feel much better about not being perfect at drawing. Still leaning more every day. :heart: :heart:
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orselisProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing. These are indeed things I am going through every day, took some to get used to them and make them work for my benefit. It was good to hear it from such an artist like you ^_^
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Coinimus Digital Artist
Thank you for this :)
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