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Or maybe crocodoggy? 
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chimpan-zedHobbyist Digital Artist
Now I must adopt this sonion
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JoeyRottenArtProfessional General Artist
You da man Bobby Chiu!!!!
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resMENSA General Artist
ahm, tried to ask you... (via note)
I hope, you are not upset...
but you are a major inspiration for me!! 

imagine imaginism by resMENSA
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You have a wonderful imagination. The Labrigator looks so happy he even makes me smile (and I never smile). 
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JWatkinsArtProfessional Digital Artist
I don't know why I didn't favorite this sooner. I think because I thought I already did.
There's something very alive about this. It's in all of your work, but for me, it's especially in this piece. There's so much movement and life. The colours that you used, the anatomy, the background, it all comes together very perfectly.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you manage to instill a sense of motion in almost every piece you complete? It's as if they each have their own heart beat.
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Christ1nMeHobbyist Digital Artist
It's so cute!
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NewmoongazelleHobbyist Traditional Artist
That would be interesting to play fetch with.... what do I even throw? xD Half the fun is finding out!
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 I want one of these, they're so cute! <3 xD
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BloodSoackerStudent Artist
Daww XDD Its so cute
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TyrantChimeraHobbyist General Artist
Teething puppies would be a hassle...
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A-Quiet-ReflectionHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is cool!
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YakkaMonstahHobbyist Digital Artist
your my fav artist! i love the color scheme and the lighting in all your drawings! 
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thepicenterofunkHobbyist Digital Artist
Well....  sigh... We could have known the full genetic background of this pup, but sadly,,, the fuc*ing father ate it!!
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MarcinMurachHobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute 8D
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DragonesSaurusRexHobbyist General Artist
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Looks like in might have Chow blood in there somewhere... :-D
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Peaceful-ChildStudent General Artist
This reminds me of the crocodog from Jak 2
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ThatKidWithTheRabbitHobbyist Writer
I'll just call it 'nightmare fuel'.
the-Fog-of-Dreams's avatar
Looks cute and funny though i would better run if this one was running after me
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Okay okay. Okay. Okay okay okay. That's the very first time I can legitimately say that, so here we go.
*clears throat*

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resMENSA General Artist
Yup! I thought of a Golden Retriever instantly. 
(seldom breed here...)
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KingBo0Hobbyist General Artist
what the fuck. it is to beautiful. 
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Live7913Student Digital Artist
Its so cutee!
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SciFiNovelistProfessional Writer
This is one of my favorite pieces so far in 2015. Fantastic work.
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