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Carrot Run

By imaginism
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Dragons, dragons and more dragons! Here's a piece I did recently. Unfortunately I didn't do it in time for our Dragon Sketches book.

If you'd like to see more dragon art please visit our Dragons section of our portfolio.

Description: "Every year, a young member of the Fuz'hy Lindt Tribe who has come of age must prove his worth by donning the blessed regalia of the sacred carrot and leading the Tribe on the Great Hunt. Only the fastest and bravest of warriors will ensure a successful Carrot Run, providing food for the Tribe through the winter."

Just a reminder that there are 3 spots left for those of you interested in being in my digital painting techniques class at Classes start Jan 3.

Here's a work in progress animated GIF.
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I know this is old, but I just joined DA and wanted to tell you that this piece is very special to me. It encouraged me for digital painting ten years ago and, as every of your creations is still motivating me when I'm stuck. So thanks for being so inspiring and keep it up :) (Smile) 
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That is so awesome! It's great to hear that you have kept up with it, keep on going!
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If I were that little guy in the carrot suit I would be screaming like Will smith! :3
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that is soooo cooooolFavorites Icon 3D 
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this picture is amazing! i love the fur on those little guys!
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run little carrot dude!
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OM Gosh! I read about you guys I n this novel I purchased called "dragonWorld" and I love you guys! I even had carrot run as my wallpaper for two months! totally am your fan!
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unbelievable. fantastic. amazing. love it.
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Hehehe! Much like a.......pig dragon???
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Your creatures are soooo fantastically :happybounce:
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Someone was a little bit too inspired: [link]
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he resembles bomba from the lion king so cute and goofy :)
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Hee HEE!!! I Want ONE!!!
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Oh... You made this? Cool, it caught me by surprise, I am use to seeing your daily tips all the time in your journal but didnt know what your art was per say. I have seen this on Very interesting to me!
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and its positively adorable X3
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this is incredible!!!! what program did you use to make this
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Way cool and cute, ewok-esque.
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Awww! So adorables! :iconlarryplz:
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Bloody, furry cannibals. They make the dragon look even more adorable.
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