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Big Bad Bunny Eater

By imaginism
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Heres a humorous piece that I did for ImagineFX Magazine in the UK. It's also in Spectrum 14.
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OOOOOOHHH NOOO!!! Bunnies, run!!
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I really like the contradiction in this piece; all fluffy and white as tranquil as a summers day. Just a moment away from absolute chaos. 😀🤘
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Interesting concept. It reminds me of how real life angler fish and alligator snapping turtles have built in lures used for fishing.
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I love this so much.
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Hey imaginism! I HAD to search for this one once I stumbled across your similar "camouflage" piece with the white bears...

I first saw your work in Spectrum several years ago, and it's always inspired me to do really weird stuff in my own career. Thanks for being an incredible artist!
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Awwh,, BUT I LIKE BOTH OF THEM D: bunnies or bunnyeaters??
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How creative ! I love it...
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Now if that isn't excellent camouflage i do not know what is
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Wow! How pretty!))
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Evil grass monsters need yo eat too!
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Haha. This is funny and cute!
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Brilliant and fabulously funny!
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I saw this featured in ImagineFX. It's pretty amazing. :D
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This is really awesome... and cute. :giggle:
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poor lil bunniessss!

D: )

so realistic, awesome work!
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*lol* *hahaha*

Great idea!
Good work! =)
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whoaaa, that is a big bunny eater. I bet it could eat a bunch of other things too :)

Its like one of those mimicking predators to lure its prey in. I always wondered if a predator relied on his mimicry to catch its prey in order to eat, but was born deformed so its mimicry didn't work then that would suck

its like being born ugly, but not only are you ugly, you can't eat unless someone spoon feeds you :(
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