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Ask my Characters: Question 13

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Ask My Characters--uploads every Wednesday on Tumblr.

This update took me so long to complete that it is no longer Wednesday. It is Thursday.

I am kind of poking fun at myself for 1. Seriously not having a good answer. Which is new because I knew the Vacant universe so well it’s hard to stump me and 2. I constantly get bothered about torturing my characters.

I was really bad about it in my old work. A lot of it wasn’t needed and had no real meaning to the story. It didn’t say anything. This of course changed as I grew older. Nothing I write now is because I want to rub people the wrong way or depress them. That’s not my goal as a writer. My goal is to tell you a story. That includes bad and good things, and I try my best to do as much research on the subjects. So people are aware, the subjects includes things like war, death, murder,betrayal, sex, trafficking and abuse. None of it is funny, to be completely honest, so I am sorry for the joke in the comic in case my humor is misunderstood. I am mainly making fun of my young self and how excessive I was.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that to explain myself for Hayze’s comment. Since I think it’s important and I worry about it constantly. Probably a little too much, actually, because I don’t think there is anything wrong with my writing.

To add, Hayze is totally wearing girl pants. Didn’t notice I did that until I was coloring.

If you want to ask a character a question you can do so here: [link]
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