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Hi there, here is my latest study. Eyes have always been a favorite of mine, I love to draw them and also look into them, they speak volumes with just a glance and express feelings more then words ever could.

Most of this one was drawn with the 2b mech. pencil, all I wanted to draw was the eye so this is why I left it unfinished. :) I worked on this one off and on for a couple of weeks.

11 x 14 inch Smooth Bristol
Graphite pencils 3b and H
Mechanical pencil 2b
Blending sticks (stumps)
Plain tissue
30+ hrs
Model: ~Elestena

Wip image: [link]
Close-up: [link]
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© 2006 - 2021 imaginee
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I like the intense stare here, amazing work!
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Your Drawings are amazing.
Your style is great - never seen this in other peoples drawings before. Its so fine so clear so full of details -
its... its... its...
cant find a word for it that can describe it to 100 %

Greetings from Germany
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REally lovely
kmazin's avatar
WOW, Adorable
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you nailed this! a lot of these kinds of pictures that isolate one feature can look a little off, but this is perfect! great job!
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i really agree with you about eyes :) they are so amazing and have so much depth.
you executed this one... i specially love the light flares and highlights on the pupil

a true inspiration
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Amazing drawing!!its so realistic!
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This is absolutely amazing! I love the detail of the eyelashes and the makeup under her eye - i always find those the hardest bits to draw. Really well done! :hug:
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Not alot of other words would describe this. I was blown away when I discovered it. Thank you for sharing your gift:)
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Truly amazing... it blows my mind that people can do this... I try as I might and can't do anything like this... brava dear one... brava!
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Perhaps an older piece of your´s .. but for me a completely new and outstanding one! I´m impressed :-D
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what on're cheating right? this is just insanity.
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Awesome drawing!
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you are amazing..and there is nothing i can really say anymore... i am just...speechless...this is stunning..well done
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this is so beautiful :D
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that's brilliant! !
MalaikahJamila's avatar
Wow there is actual depth to the iris! Stunning achievement love this!
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It's so detailed! Very well done!
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I wish I was as half as good as you.
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this is freaking insane. your a true master ill tell u that
how did u learn to do that?
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OMG this is so good...:faint:
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