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Hi there, this is the second horse I have drawn, I have to say it's a personal favorite! I loved drawing this one very much and feel it came out good. Since the horse is all white I drew in a medium to dark toned background...I needed to use negative drawing for the mane and tail, this is done by leaving the white of the paper behind and drawing the darker tones around the area...you need to work a tiny area at a time very slowly. I had fun drawing in a background to look like trees in a forest, the reference photo had a nice DOF and was a pleasure to work from.

Smooth Bristol
19 x 24 inches
B, 3b wood, 2b mech
blending stumps and plain tissue
35+ hrs

Thanks for looking and take care my friends ~Linda

Thank you so much for the DD dholms, I was to say the least shocked just now when I signed on to DA! Thank you for suggesting my drawing gramarye! :). Drawing is such a great love of mine. I have to tell you, when I was a child I had a friend named Jeanna Pace, she could draw horses better then anyone, she didn't use a reference either, she was an extremely talented artist. I would practice and practice all the time and only wished I could draw as good, how I admired my friend. I'm very happy with this new horse drawing and feel I've come close to what I envisioned as a child for myself.

Many many thanks for all the comments and favorites my DA friends!! :hug:
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Kazukime's avatar
Kazukime|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
woww, por un momento pensé que era una fotografía. Excelente dibujo, felicidades.
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Valleyechoes's avatar
So pretty! <3
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Drake-Starfire's avatar
Are you SURE that this is a drawing? I swear it looks EXACTLY like a perfect black and white photograph!!

Truly outstanding work!!! :faints:
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GabyCoutino's avatar
GabyCoutino|Hobbyist General Artist
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ChristopherDavies's avatar
ChristopherDavies|Hobbyist General Artist
You really drew this? I am not worthy to even share this page with you! You a god!
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klehid's avatar
klehid|Professional Digital Artist
Nice !!!:happybounce: :happybounce: Clap Clap Clap 

Good Job !!
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Kejti2002's avatar
Kejti2002|Hobbyist Writer
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UnbridledMuse's avatar
UnbridledMuse|Hobbyist General Artist
:shocked: Oh my god, you drew this?!?
I had to zoom in on the background before I could tell it wasn't a photo... You are amazing! :worship:
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BrightBlueFeathers's avatar
BrightBlueFeathers|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mygoddddd. So beautifuuuul <3
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redfiddlefox's avatar
When I saw this beautiful drawing I said... "WOW." You are so talented. Keep doing what you love!
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Volt-Draws's avatar
Volt-Draws|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Precious! (\^o^/)
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Cresynchro's avatar
Cresynchro| Traditional Artist
Absolutely gorgeous!!
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AshleighStone's avatar
AshleighStone|Hobbyist Digital Artist
*gasp* This is only your SECOND horse??? Seriously? Wow, I can't believe it! It's just so...life-like. I feel like I could reach out and feel the horse's muzzle...This is like a photograph, no kidding...
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CConero's avatar
CConero|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A very lovely drawing.  I can only aspire to that.
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KAOOE's avatar
I looked at this drawing and asked myself: is that real? is that a real drawing?
- yes it is :D and it is soooooooooo amazing *.*
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Kay1952's avatar
He looks like he could gallop right out of the picture!
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Ani-lorac's avatar
Ani-lorac|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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shosansharma's avatar
shosansharma|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Super like!
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Jeffron66's avatar
I love horses and I love realistic art over abstract. Your stuff, including this piece, is as realistic looking as art can be. Wonderful!
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LilacAngel60's avatar
I love this horse. I thought it was a photo at first. Once upon a time I had a 'white' Arabian. I loved turning him out into the corral and watching him run around (until he decided to roll in the dirt). Then it was in to be cleaned, saddled, and the fantastic ride. This drawing brings back a flood of good memories. Thanks.
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Infaenyte's avatar
Infaenyte|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely beautiful! I thought it was a photograph when I first saw the thumbnail before seeing it full size. Wonderful work :)
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you drew this??? it looks like a picture!!!
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Tavia-chan's avatar
Your art has been featured in my journal: [link]
I hope you do not mind. :heart:
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oldmage950|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm speachless!
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