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No Idea

Hi there, I finished this drawing last night. Have to say it was a lot of fun to draw something this different. The meaning behind the title is simple, since the bulb is broken to me it represents "no idea" as opposed to a working bulb. I drew this one as a study in metal and glass, I've drawn both before but never to this degree. I wanted to draw both parts as real as I was capable of, as many of you know I love to challenge myself.

What I've learned and would like to convey with this piece is: drawing is fun, yes it's common to look at other artist's work and say "I've got no idea how they can do that" well trying to do it is where the fun lays my friends, challenging yourself is one sure way to grow as an artist!

"No Idea"
16 x 20
Smooth Bristol
Graphite 4H, H, 2b
35 hrs

Here is a close up image: [link]
Here is a detailed WIP: [link]

EDIT: I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments, I have read each and ever one! I was asked if I used a reference photo and yes I did, I also had a lightbulb close by for reference too. Oh I reworked a few tiny areas and rescanned the drawing, and I uploaded a wider close-up image too. Take care ~Linda

EDIT 10-9-08: I am now offering prints of this drawing!!
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    Remember Old Times by vytra     Alphaosiris 
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that's a drawing?


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Great job! How long it took to complete that?
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Very great idea! Awesome work.
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This drawing is amazing. It looks more like a photograph than a traditional drawing. Very impressive!
besides the obvious flawless technique, I loved the pun in the title. :) amazing work!
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damn good work, impressive.
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Whoa! I thought that was a photo! This is amaising! Youre a very good artist!
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You are a great artist!! :)
This one I'll take from, truly different, it could and will go further, awaiting next installment
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The simplicity of this drawing is the most beautiful thing about it. It's spectacular. 
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This is so wonderfully done. This is inspiring 
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Traditional? :O Awesome!
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See, this is one of those things that makes us go "I've got no idea how they can do that."  Story of my life.  This is beautiful for being so simple.  Awesome.  C:
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esta espectacular !!
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Wow...I can't believe your talent! I mean, if I hadn't read the description, I would be thinking that this here is a photograph! :wow: :omg:

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And it looks amazing ... and real ;)))
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wow! looks like a photo! great job!
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Damn, 35 hours worth of work. Totally paid off :)
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WOWW this is amazing. I am so inspired by this. The shadows are perfectClap Clap 
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Brilliant :) My favourite style is fotorealism. 
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This is really good:) (Smile) 
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