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Evil Felines - Be Prepared

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    This is an illustration that I started in the middle of the month, only just finished colouring it last night. The piece features handful of the many villainous felines from popular culture, accompanied with some of the lyrics from the song Be Prepared from Disney’s The Lion King franchise. These characters include as follows (left to right): Zira (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride), Sabor (Tarzan), Shere Khan (The Jungle Book), Scar (The Lion King), Soto (Ice Age), and Trouble (The Little Bear Movie).

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Canon MF210 Series
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May 13, 2021, 1:23:44 AM
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Magnificent! Our big bad cats is ready to prowl.

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They’re ready to go on the prowl alright, and most likely up to no good.

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Be prepared for the biggest fight of all!

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KateLouise93 Me: ' speaks into backstage microphone' Stand by for be prepared, be prepared

'sees the gang in the stage wings' you guys ready?

Zira icon Zira: those hyenas BETTER not stuff up their part!

KateLouise93 Me : oh don't worry about them Zira...let me handle them, you just focus on your part

Tiger La la la la Shere Khan: does that mean I can EAT them if they stuff up their part?

KateLouise93 Me: there's no EATING the hyenas Shere Khan, besides there's a stack of meat for you and the others backstage afterwards.

Ice Age - Random Diego Icon Soto: did I hear the word stack of meat?

Mickey Wink Mickey : just get ready! ( proceeds to the stage) Ladies and gentlemen , lions and other big cats! welcome to the show! please take your seats...the Evil Villains theatre proudly presents 'Be prepared!'

Surrounded By Idiots Scar ( rubbing his head) : I have a big headache...

Zira icon Zira: aww, my poor king

Scar really Scar: ..go away Zira

KateLouise93 Me: here take this, it helps with headaches( gives him headache tablet with water) ' pats his head gently'

( song plays)

' backstage'

( Audience cheers)

All the villains are, digging into the meat that was for them, the hyenas are eating their share of the meat.

THE END!!!!:clap:

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What a bunch of evil cats and i love This to

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They're certainly evil kitties.

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:sing: . BE PREPARED!. :sing:

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Some of the best big cats are up there! Great job!

also one of my fave Disney songs

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Thank you kindly. Be Prepared is one of my my favourites as well.

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You are most welcome!

not often do I find a good slew of evil cat drawings, I saw them pop in my dash and was quite impressed at your style

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