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I will be at Megaplex in Orlando, FL this coming weekend! July 25-27th.
I wasn't able to get a table in the Dealers Den this year, but I will be setting up in Artist Alley. I plan to be there Friday and Saturday for sure, but Sunday I'll have to play by ear- its a shorter day, and I'm driving back and forth from Palm Harbor, so I need to at least make up the cost of gas for going. Also I plan on being there long days Fri and Sat, so I may just be utterly exhausted by then. Its likely unless I have a really good reason to go, I won't be there Sun.

Since I'll just have the small Artist Alley table space (which is pretty small), I'm going to just have my pin buttons and be doing commissions. I'll have some new additions to commissions- I've been really liking my brush pens, and I *just* got a set of greyscale copic markers, so those options will be available. Hah, honestly maybe I work in too many different media lol. So I'll have everything from pencil sketches, inked stuff, copic greyscales, to Prismacolor or Watercolor Pencil full color pieces. I'll be doing 3x4" Badges, 2x3" Keychains, 2.5x3.5" Art Cards, and 6x8" Commissions. I'll also have my Android tablet if anyone wants digital quickies.
I'm pretty open to whatever, and can draw most anything. I don't know if I'll have internet access while there, so it may limit me a bit in looking up references, so if you could bring character samples that'd be fantastic. I can always take a picture and give it right back to you.

My convention prices are:

3x4” Badge Art
Badges are a soft plastic holder, and come with a removable v-clip.
Horizontal or Vertical orientation.

$8 - Lineart
$12 - Flat Color
$15 - Detailed Shading Color

2x3” Keychain Art
Art card within a flat hard plastic keychain.

$8 - Lineart
$10 - Detailed Shading Monochrome (B/W)
$12 - Flat Color
$15 - Detailed Shading Color

2.5x3.5” Art Card (ATC)
The size of regular trading cards. Includes a protective holder.

$3 - Sketch
$5 - Lineart
$8 - Detailed Shading Monochrome (B/W)
$10 - Flat Color
$13 - Detailed Shading Color

6x8” Art
Includes a protective holder.

$5 - Sketch
$8 - Lineart
$12 - Detailed Shading Monochrome (B/W)
$14 - Flat Color
$18 - Detailed Shading Color

Digital Art
Drawn on a tablet with Layer Paint at 1500x2100 and 300 dpi. Suitable for printing at 5x7”
Sent via email in .psd and .png format.

$3 - Sketch
$10 - Flat Color 

If you know you want something for pickup at the con and want me to get it started before the con starts, just let me know!

I'll also have my Nintendo 3DS with me as usual, because Streetpasses! I'd really like to hit up some more people who have Tomodachi Life.

I also have a Tumblr now! I try to post when I get the chance. Its random stuff, and highlights of new art posts here.…

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