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Sorry for the lack of updates, I've still been doing art but have been pretty bad about updating anywhere honestly. Just wanted to let folks know I'm still alive. I have a pile of art I should get around to posting when I have some more time, but projects and work come first.

My current project has been illustrations for the Eerie Florida book series. I know I tend to the cuter art, but creepy has always been in my background too. I used to read all the spooky stories and horror books when I was a kid :) As of right now, the first book is out and we're closing on the deadline for the second, which is Strange Florida and will be coming Sept 2018. We are discussing a third, possibly Haunted Florida, in the future, and who knows maybe more.

You can find Eerie Florida pretty much anywhere you like to buy books including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. It is available through the main book distributors, so even your local store should be able to order it.

We've been doing a lot of driving around for research and photography for all the stories, which has been fun. I have also been attending Florida conventions here and there promoting the book, so maybe you've seen me around :) Some of them include Supercon and Spooky Empire.

The best place to find me right now is on Facebook!

Eerie Florida FB page
Eerie Florida website
Personal FB page
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