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Yandere Simulator- Natural Module Miku Skin

Here's Miku Hatsune in one of her Project DIVA F 2nd outfits. This one is called Natural Module. This skin was requested by: :iconnhicolechan:.

ZIP File: imaginaryalchemist.deviantart.…

Here are the textures:
Long-sleeved Uniform: imaginaryalchemist.deviantart.…
Face: imaginaryalchemist.deviantart.…
Hair: imaginaryalchemist.deviantart.…
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Alrighty, someone needs to tell me how to find this "custom eyes" thing...
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click : Face: imaginaryalchemist.deviantart.…
download the picture.
put the custom face into the steaming file while you decorate your yandere chan.
turn on the game.
click new game and make sure you need to wear the 2nd school uniform. 
skip everything by clicking the f button.

(tip: go to school and find the hairstyle that matches the look by pressing h.)
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1. custom eyes mode
2. turn your eyes something in between red and pink
3. get your Miku hair ( press h there is Miku hair somewhere around :) )
4. Enjoy
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Kat how's my skin coming along? :3
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I'm still working on it, I'm almost done though. :D
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Please can someone tell me how you change the skin of Yandere-chan, youtube video's just confuse me 
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You download the files and put them in the StreamingAssets folder. Make sure the files have the right name. The face should be named "CustomFace", the hair named "CustomHair" and with this skin the uniform should be "CustomLong." To get Yandere-chan to wear the long sleeved uniform, press F2 while in her room or start a new game and choose Female Uniform 2. I hope this helps! If you need more help, let me know. :)
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So simple but so beautiful :3
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Really Cool! a wonderful skin! keep up the good work!  Yato (At your service) [V1] 
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Thank you! :) I always try to do my best.
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Thank you!!! This perfect! Much nicer than I expected!Artimist - Blush / Embarrassed / Shy / Stuttering 
Hey! I want you to do a skin on Loli Pervert is called Maria Naruse, anime: Shinmai Maou No Testament
Your Photo Here!
Maria Naruse
Mirai Wink Icon 
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Glad you liked the skin! :)
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Thank you! I'm happy with how this one turned out. :)
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It's so cute 
I like it >u<
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Thank you! I'm glad you think so. Smiling Edward Elric 
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