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The Door by Imaginary-Shadow The Door :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 0 0 Dimensional Shambler by Imaginary-Shadow Dimensional Shambler :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 1 0 Sleep... Talking...? by Imaginary-Shadow Sleep... Talking...? :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 2 0 Obelisk by Imaginary-Shadow Obelisk :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 0 0 Um... by Imaginary-Shadow Um... :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 2 0 Unpleasant Awakening by Imaginary-Shadow Unpleasant Awakening :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 0 2
C.D. Round 2 Pt 6
    Shida slept fitfully. At some point, someone passed by her, but she ignored it. Finally, when the fire had gone out and the sun was no longer in the sky, she fully woke. There was a small bottle near her and a note. “You cry too loudly.”
    She winced at the stiffness and gave a small cry at the pain in sitting up, but she quickly situated herself. Yvette and Zeno were asleep around the embers of the fire. Shida carefully went over and started the fire again, then investigated the bottle as best she could with one hand. She took the lid off, a more difficult task than she expected, and smelled healing herbs. Oh, that was a heavenly scent if ever there was one.
    It took her over an hour to boil more water and unwrap her shoulder with one hand. She tried to be quiet, but short whimpers and gasps happened anyway as she had to pry the bandage off. It had bled some more, and dried, and it was hell getting
:iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 2 2
C.D. Round 2 Pt 5
    “What’s that?” Zeno asked.
    “What?” Shida asked from behind Yvette. The woman had insisted Shida go first for a long time, but then slowly crept to the front and stayed there, making decisions about where they’d go. She jumped back at almost every trap, but she seemed to care less as they went on.
    “Don’t you feel it?” Zeno asked, quieter.
    “Feel what?” Shida asked.
    “I feel it too,” Yvette said, walking faster now.
    “What is it?” Shida asked impatiently as she sped to catch up.
    “There’s something in the room up ahead,” Zeno said.
    “What?” How could they know this? What were they ‘feeling’? What—
    Yvette turned, shoved open a door that Sh
:iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 1 0
C.D. Round 2 Pt 4
    “What. The hell,” Yvette said after regaining her breath, “was that?!”
    Shida stayed on the ground, trying to feel if any other tremors were coming. “I have no idea.”
    “Think it will keep coming?” Zeno asked warily.
    It was silent for a few moments as they all wondered the same.
    “Well I don’t want to be here if it does,” Shida said, finally standing. She conjured a flame in her hand to give them some light.
    Yvette and Zeno looked startled at the magic, but recovered quickly. “So we head further inside,” Yvette stated, and started walking. Zeno and Shida followed. “Chuuukiii!” Yvette called, but there was no answer. Shida didn’t expect there would be. Even if he was still tied up, the harpy knew the desert’s traps like his feathers; a
:iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 1 0
C.D. Round 2 Pt 3
    There was a tall shadow on the horizon, growing taller in the clouded moonlight as they approached. This must be the next object she’d been heading towards on her map. Whatever it was…
    Shida must have blinked, or zoned out, or something, because the next thing she knew they were practically beside the massive structure. A pure black obelisk, rising into the sky, floating on a triangular point. Beneath the point lay a black pedestal with another triangulated point nearly meeting the other save for a small space between them. The pedestal’s points were covered in metal, and looked sharp enough to split bone.
    “This isn’t the pyramid,” Zeno protested warily.
    “Oh, no, it’s not,” Chuki agreed readily. “This is just on the way. It’s a structure that’s been here longer than I have, than anyone has, really.”
:iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 1 0
C.D. Round 2 Pt 2
    Nashida hated mirages. They tended to look like her brother, or tents, or occasionally even a caravan. Oasis mirages were almost worse. She usually didn’t have any issues when she traveled a night, since heat was tended to be the culprit, but now and then one popped up. She blamed the desert’s desire to destroy anything living inside of it.
    When she saw three figures walking in the sands like her, she definitely expected them to be a mirage. One was tied up and walking awkwardly compared to the other two… After some studying she realized it was Chuki, tied up around the arms. She snorted; if it was a mirage, at least this one was entertaining. After a short time passed and they didn’t disappear, though, Shida figured they were probably real.
    She wondered how the other two had tied him up, and why, though reasons weren’t difficult to come up with, when the sand in the next dune in front
:iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 2 0
C.D. Round 2 Pt1
“Nashida, why aren’t you helping me?”
Shida squinted her eyes through the sandstorm, shielding her face. Galun was on the ground, huddling, hiding his face, yet she could hear his accusations as clearly as if he were next to her.
“Shida, help me!”
“You were supposed to go back home!” she shouted back, stepping forward slowly. She couldn’t move any faster, though she was desperately trying to. Galun shouldn’t have even gone out in the first place, but he had. She knew he would. So she had gone after him. To help him.
To save him from the desert storm when it appeared.
“You were supposed to save me!” he argued. “You’re the oldest!”
trying!” She tried not to cry as it would just get more sand stuck to her face, but she felt them threatening to come anyway. She wanted nothing more than to help her brother, but he was just so far away!
“You’re the one who’s
:iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 3 0
Vixtor and Sword by Imaginary-Shadow Vixtor and Sword :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 3 0
Chimera Desert Round1 pt4
They eventually reached some light, and Shida let her fire go out. The end of the tunnel was bright in the desert sun, but she could make out a rope bridge. They reached the edge, and a small cliff jutted out into empty space, towering over a colossal pit of sand. The sides were riddled with other cliffs like the one they were on, small and sharp, connected to innumerable tunnels with similar rope bridges, some in worse tatters than others. Some bridges simply went straight to the mouths of their caves, no cliff to stand on. Waterfalls of sand roiled over the edge of the top of the pit, towering above them, and the bridges all connected another tunnel across the pit. Far below, the bottom swirled and sank towards the center.
The wailing she had been trying to block out stopped. She let out a sigh of relief, and she noticed Vixtor do the same. “... Sorry for being snippy,” she muttered.
“You have not been through wars,” he replied simply.
She wasn’t sure wh
:iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 2 5
Azazel 'Zeal' with Scimitar by Imaginary-Shadow Azazel 'Zeal' with Scimitar :iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 3 0
Chimera Desert Round1 pt3
Shida regretted getting sand in her mouth. She was gasping on the floor of a dark cavern, coughing, spitting, and rolling her tongue all over. She wasn’t going to get it all out without water, and she didn’t have a whole lot. Then she vomited, and the problem took care of itself. It had been a while since she’d legitimately retched, and she had not missed the sensation. Mostly she was annoyed that she had lost what she’d managed to eat earlier. One or two more empty gags, and her stomach calmed. Then she rubbed her skin, rubbed all the sanded— sand. Off.
There was no more sand raining down on her, and after a moment listening, nothing seemed about to change. She had sand everywhere on her. Worse than the wind, worse than the sandstorm that had brought her here. And she was still here, in the desert without so much as a tent. Growling in frustration, she stripped her outer robe off and shook it vigorously.
“Nashida?” came th
:iconimaginary-shadow:Imaginary-Shadow 1 0

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So my scanner hasn't died quite yet...
The printer part only prints in color. No B&W.
But I'm also terribly lazy and busy. So I'm takin pictures rather than doing scans lately.
Sad truths I know.
But I'm trying to regain some sense of normalcy and sharing what I have is part of that.

Also attempting NaNo this year aaaaagggghhhh
Good luck to all

Also here have an interesting background music album:
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has so many voices inside...
United States
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The Door

    “Good to hear,” Chuki said. “There should be another one in there, if you look…”

    As Zeno started looking, Shida noticed Chuki was by the door. When did that happen. He was the closest one to the door, actually, and was already stepping through the doorway.

    “Chuk—!” Shida started after him, but he closed the door too quickly. She banged into it with her good shoulder and her face, losing her flame and jostling her bad shoulder. “Aaaaaaauuuuhhhhgghh!!” She let out a satisfying yell of both pain and frustration into the dark.

    “… be fine…” Chuki was saying through the door, Shida caught some of it through the pain. “… I don’t let… treasure go! So you’ll be staying here!”

Writing: Pt 1, Pt 6

Nashida - :iconimaginary-shadow:
Chuki - :iconiittleg:
Dimensional Shambler

    Suddenly a long, leathery limb stretched out from nowhere, in the middle of the air, between Shida, Yvette, and Zeno and the locusts. Chuki’s voice died as the air rippled and more of a… creature emerged. It was tall, not as much as Chuki at full height but at least twelve feet. It had long, long arms ending in sharp claws, and a body that walked on two legs but looked as if it might have trouble keeping it that way. It was covered with what looked like leather before it’d been properly tanned but still attached to bones, looser than it should’ve been, folds everywhere. The head was a simple round shape, half-open mouth showcasing nastily sharp teeth, and eye sockets that held pinpricks that were probably eyes but it was so, so difficult to tell and even a glimpse triggered shivers and an immediate face-turn.

    It looked at Yvette, and slowly reached out a clawed hand.

Writing: Pt 1, Pt 5
Sleep... Talking...?

    Some time later, Shida woke up. She had no idea how long she’d slept; there weren’t even shafts of light to be able to tell down this far. It felt like enough, at least. It wasn’t pitch dark, though; her eyes could make out some shapes along the corridor. She wondered where the ambient light might be coming from…


    Shida turned to the sound. A small, huddled form: Zeno. Yvette was curled up with some more clothes over her like a blanket. Zeno used his backpack as a pillow.

    “He’s…. coming…”

    Zeno was mumbling in his sleep. Shida could only hear him because the rest of the place was deathly silent. It hadn’t been this quiet before, but then again, they hadn’t been sleeping or staying still before….

    “He’s coming…” Zeno repeated, more of a rasp, “and they’ll get what’s coming…”


    What did that—

    Zeno started shivering then, violently, and Shida immediately went over to him. “Zeno?” She touched his arm. He didn’t respond. She shook him.

    He immediately jolted upright, gasping. “Kaajh’!”

    “Zeno!” Shida said, voice commanding though she felt unnerved at the same time. She couldn’t tell if what he’d said was jibberish, or an attempt at a word. It felt like the translation bracelet was trying to do something, which didn’t really help.

Zeno sat there, panting, and Shida brought up a small flame again. His skin shimmered with sweat, and his eyes were wide, staring into the darkness.

Writing: Pt 1, Pt 4

Zeno - :icondudingdarn:

    Shida must have blinked, or zoned out, or something, because the next thing she knew they were practically beside the massive structure. A pure black obelisk, rising into the sky, floating on a triangular point. Beneath the point lay a black pedestal with another triangulated point nearly meeting the other save for a small space between them. The pedestal’s points were covered in metal, and looked sharp enough to split bone.


The clouds drifted away from the moon, though, and it shone on the obsidian obelisk without hindrance. Shida couldn’t help but look up briefly, and managed to glimpse some round almost window-like orbs on the top; it was difficult with how close she was to the bottom. They were… absorbing the moonlight. 

Writing: Pt 1, Pt 3

    “Nashida,” Chuki cut in easily. “You’ve survived.”

    “And you got captured,” Shida retorted. Last time she’d seen Chuki was several days ago, and really she’d thought he’d disappeared and she’d never see him again. This was an interesting change.

    “Back off, girl,” the woman said, suddenly stepping between Shida and Chuki. “This handsome devil’s mine.”

    Shida grimaced as she backed up. “You know he’d sell your soul for a potato skin, right?”

Writing: Pt 1, Pt 2

Nashida - :iconimaginary-shadow:
Yvette - :iconomenakettu:
Chuki - :iconiittleg:


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