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Dragon Tutorial (How I draw/colour dragons)


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A simple tutorial on how I most often draw/colour the dragons (Not including lighting). Sometimes I will do it a little different but most of the time this is how I do them.


1. Draw out the simple base sketch of what i want the dragon to look like. Includes the three circles for the head, the chest area where the wings/arms will go and the last circle where the tail meets the body and where the back legs are. I will often draw simple lines to show where i want the wings and limbs to go and how they will be posed.

2. Draw the size/shape of the body, wings and limbs. (If I was to draw each individual wing membrane then I would do so now.)

3. Add the detail to the sketch, includes the eyes, underbelly, horns, ears, mouth, ears and if there were any other things such as spikes or frill then I would do so now.

4. Outline the sketch with a size pen of 10, I will often neaten line up here and or remover/add details that i forgot in the sketch part.

5.I will use a bright colour to highlight where i want to colour before changing it to the main body colour, I will colour the fade that i always add to my dragons and any other patterns that i want for the main body. 

6.I will then colour the belly colour how i want it with the fade and or patterns.

7.I will then colour in the wings with the patterns and fade.

8.Lasty i will colour in the horns, eyes, spikes or any other aspect i have added. I always colour the horns/claws as the same and with the eyes i will pick a colour that stand out compared to the body colour.

If I where to do lighting i would do that after the colour have been added.
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Very cute dragon :)