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I like Samurai Twi and thought this drawing of a Luna sculpture was cute, so I made a living version. I picture her a bit younger than in the show so I made a "normal" mane, this also allows me to make an embroidery design from the vector. I'm not exactly sure about the mane colors yet, I might play around with them later.

I used the pen tool, the path effect "Pattern along path", the circle tool and a lot of cloning.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.




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this earned an instant watch.
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she is soo cute!
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Luna solid mane looks good. :)
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Very nice! I like how you have a blend of the show's style and several unique touches, especially in the wings and tail. I do like the colors you've chosen as well.
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Oooooooooooohhhhh this is gorgeous!! :D
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She looks cute like this
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She very beautiful:)
nice job ;)
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Thank you :-) Don't hesitate to comment on anything you think looks off.
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