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[MLP] - Let it Rain!

So... moar ponies. :la:

Well, since pegasus control the weather in the show, and my ponysona is a pegasus, it sort of made sense to draw this. I am a dummy! 

You'll also notice some changes in my art style, as well as the look of my ponysona, Xander:

Changes on Xander
Bullet; Black Xander's wings now have brown tips on the ends.

Changes in my art style
Bullet; White I have started doing streaks in the mane and tail, adding some subtle realism to those parts while still keeping the show's main style.
Bullet; White The shadows and highlights are more deeply coloured.
Bullet; White My new technique of drawing pegasus wings is different from the show's; it is more "feather-like" than in the show, thus adding some extra realism.

Also, if you compare my drawing with the reference vector linked below, you will notice that I drew larger pupils and irises on my OC. I tried the original way, but then my OC looked kind of like a serial killer. :ohnoes:



Texture overlays:… by Sirius-sdz
Reference vector:… by Skie-Vinyl



Program used:
 Adobe Photoshop CC
Time spent: approximately 4-6 hours



MLP (c) Hasbro and fyre-flye
Xander (c) ImAFutureGuitarHero
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