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This is a new game, which I want to introduce on Devianart. It will be interactive game (at least I hope), and you have your chance to choose, how your character will look like, what kind of clothes it would wear, emotions, angles of view, etc. If you are interested, watch this playlist and have fun:
MLP Interactive Game

For those fans, who love the ponies: you will be surprised, but this game will work not only with ponies. It will work with any your creation, there is no matter what the elements will be used for, you can create a simple skeleton and move it where you wish. Only the reason is ponies are very-very difficult to me to configure, Sonic the Hedgehog and South Park characters are much easier, and there is no such style in the Internet, so it is a little fun to configure it before release))

My Little Pony is a brand of Hasbro. Characters and some elements used in this video are the property of their respective owner.
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Submitted on
October 14, 2012