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Katie vs the Illuminati(kinda spoilers to the MoM)*Katie walks in blood covered on her trying to rush to the door*Sarah Rogers - *lands down in front of her followed by black bolt,Iron man, and Berserk wolf*Tony - Katie you’ve possessed an innocent woman but you can still do the right thing.Let her go…please, I have children of my own I understand your pain.Katie - is their mother still alive?Tony - Yes. Katie - good there will be someone left to raise them.Tony - Katie, Black bolt can destroy you with one whisper from his mouth.Katie - *tilts her head* what mouth?Black bolt - *touching his mouth realizing is gone as the inside of his head blows up blood oozing out of his nose and he collapses **Tony tries blasting her but she rips his body apart,Tony screams until his head explodes *Sarah and Katherine nod at each other as they attack Katie*Sarah - *throws her shield at Katie but she throws it into a wall* Katherine - *attacking her as Sarah rushes to grab her shield*Katie - *throws Katherine through a wall* *a smoke bomb rolls down and smoke starts to envelope the area*Sarah - *slams her shield into Katie with both of them rolling across the ground*Katie - why don’t you give up?Sarah - *spits out blood* I can do this all day *starts attacking her with Katie blocking it*Katie - *throws her with Sarah stopping herself with the jet pack she had**Sarah throws her shield at Katie but she uses her magic to throw it back at her cutting Sarah in half her body collapsing on the floor *Katherine - *launches at Katie managing to put up a bit of a fight* You’re going down.*tries stabbing Katie but can’t move*Katie - *liquified the adamantium in her body and crushes Katherine with debris from the ceiling killing her*
Kaitlyn Romanoff Black widow's sister PT.1*At avengers tower*Kaitlyn - *knocking on the door*Tony - who in the hell is knocking*opens the door*why is there a kid at the door,who are you?Kaityn - Umm hi my name's Kaitlyn is Natasha there,I'm her sister.*All the avengers stare at Natasha and Natasha looks up*Steve - care to explain Romanoff?Nat - Ah no*grabs Kaitlyn and takes her to another room*Kaitlyn - Nice to see you to.Nat - What are you doing here?Kaitlyn - I came to see you.Nat - I don't believe you.Kaitlyn - Uhh okay fine I want to join you I want to become an Avenger.Nat - Kaitlyn you can't.Kaitlyn - why not it can be me and you like before don't you miss me.Nat - of course I miss you! I'll see what i can do.Kaitlyn - Yess, okay thanks sisNat - Just be nice!-A BIT LATER-Nat - so guys this is my sister Kaitlyn.Wanda - Hey Kaitlyn *smirks*Nat - and she wants to be a Avenger.Tony - show us what you got kid.Kaitlyn - Uhh okay sure*she proceeds to fight against Steve and knocks him down with all the Avengers laughing*Tony - Your in!Steve - That was not funnyKaitlyn - Yes, yes it was-A week later-Kaitlyn - so when is my first mission?Nat - Kaitlyn you've only been here for a week be patient.Kaitlyn - well what am I supposed to do?Nat - I don't know get to know everyone.Kaitlyn - Fine *Kaitlyn walked into the main room and saw wanda* Hey MaximoffWanda - hi Kaitlyn...So how have you been settling in so far?Kaitlyn - it's been okayWanda - well it's gonna get a lot better stark is throwing a party tonight for your arrival!-Later at the Party-Nat - should we show them how it's done sisThor - this should be good*they proceed to dance*Tony - stop just stop.*they continue to dance*Peter - they're good *kaitlyn stumbles over to the Bar where Wanda is*Kaitlyn - Excuse me But I might drink a little more than I should tonight I might take you home with me if I could tonight cuz baby I'm a make you feel so good Tonight.-The next day-Nat - Hey,Wanda have you seen Kaitlyn?Wanda - uh yeah she's in my room.Nat - Alright thanks...hold up*she arrives at Wanda's room* hey Kaitlyn I got some news for you.Kaitlyn - what's up?Nat - you're going on your first mission tomorrow,but-Kaitlyn - there's always a butNat - it's small and you won't really be doing much but hey at least it's a mission.Kaitlyn - I guess thanks,Nat.Nat - oh and one more thing you and Wanda is there-Kaitlyn - umm I don't know.Nat - whatever you say *she starts to leave the room*Well I ship it.*The Avengers left Kaitlyn and Wanda in a building while they fight*Kaitlyn - *singing on Speakers*In her face...Thor - what is that?Clint - uhh NatKaitlyn - a mirror of your dreamNat - um that would be Kaitlyn...Steve - and WandaKaitlyn and Wanda - Make believe I'm everywhereTony - just ignore it *they continue fighting*Kaitlyn and Wanda - giving in the light written in the pages is the answer to our never ending story.-Back at the Tower-Wanda - she dating anyone?Nat - No why*realises*you like Kaitlyn !!Wanda - *chuckles*-A bit later-Nat - the mission me and wanda are going on I was wondering if Kaitlyn could take my place?Steve - why?Nat - I think it would be good for her,you know more of a challenge.Steve - yeah,sure why not.Kaitlyn - Steve said you were looking for me.Nat - your taking my place on the mission with Wanda.Kaitlyn - oh my god now way.Nat - you leave tomorrow morning so be ready and please don't mess this up.Kaitlyn - don't worry I won't*heads towards Wanda's room*Kaitlyn - hey Wanda I'm taking Nat's place on the mission tomorrow you don't mind do you?Wanda - no,not at allKaitlyn - okay good guess I'll see you tomorrow.Wanda - wait Kaitlyn I was just about to watch a movie wanna join?Kaitlyn - yeah sure what're we watching?Wanda - Uhh I was thinking The Kissing Booth.*halfway through the movie Kaitlyn turns to tell Wanda something*Kaitlyn - hey uhh Wanda there's something I've been meaning to tell you....Wanda - what is it?Kaitlyn - I...uhh I like y-Wanda - *Kisses Kaitlyn* I like you too-the next day Wanda returns from the mission alone-Nat - Wanda where's Kaitlyn?Wanda - I...I don't know.Nat - how can you not know Wanda where the hell is my sister?Wanda - we got seperated*holds out a drive*th..they told me to give you guys this*puts it on the table and starts crying*I'm sorry,I'm so sorryNat - Wanda it's okay it's not your faultTony - Jarvis play the video*video shows a tortured Kaitlyn*Kaitlyn - I didn't take anything*screams*Wanda!!!!!!!!*Wanda and Nat start crying more than the rest* -To be continued-
Kaitlyn Romanoff Black widow's sister PT.2-Avengers make it to Hydra to Rescue Kaitlyn they find Kaitlyn strap down on a table unconscious thor picks her up and they take her back to the Avengers Tower rushing her into the hospital wing-Nat - how is she?Bruce - she's going to be okay don't worry.Nat - can I see her?Bruce - actually Nat she asked for Wanda.*Wanda walks into the room and Kaitlyn sits up and smiles at her*Wanda - how are you? Kaitlyn - I'm okayWanda - Kaitlyn I'm so sorr-Kaitlyn - Wanda don't it's not your fault.Wanda - But you got hurt because of me because I couldn't save you.Kaitlyn - Wanda I love you you could never hurt me.Wanda - I love you too Kaitlyn.*Wanda leans in and kisses Kaitlyn*Wanda - now let me go get Nat she's been really worried.-A week later-Tony - how you feeling kidKaitlyn - what's that I should kill everyone and escape... sorry the voices,Hahaha I'm kidding that's not what they really said.Thor - Yess she's back!Tony - She's crazy. Nat - You've hardly touched your foodKaitlyn - I'm not hungry for meatloafNat - well it is leftover night we have stake,pasta what are you hungry for?Peter - Wanda maximoffKaitlyn - shut upPeter - well you areKaitlyn - I said shut up you little insect*after watching a TV show*Peter - this show is so unrealistic like the killer got rid the body by throwing it into a pool that had a lot of chlorine, I mean can chlorine even dissolve a body that fast?Kaitlyn - Pff no.*They stare at her*Kaitlyn - can you just ask me that again so I can take longer to answer?Peter - Can chlorine dissolve a body that fast Kaitlyn? * everyone stares at her*Kaitlyn - No.Wanda - how do you know?Kaitlyn - I don't really want to get into it.Tony - cool cool cool umm I'm just going to call someone real quick,it's going to look like I only dial 3 numbers but it's definitely more.* halfway through the film Wanda looked over and kids see Kaitlyn was bored*Kaitlyn - * notices she's looking*Wanda - * smirks at her*Wanda - guys I think I'm going to retire for the night I'm pretty tired.Kaitlyn - uhh yeah same.Nat - don't rip your stitches.Kaitlyn - Nat!!!Wanda - come on Kaitlyn* she grabs her hand and drags her to her room shutting the door and pinning her to the wall*- a bit later since you already know what happened-Nat - did you and Wanda have fun last night?Kaitlyn - what are you talkin about?Nat - we really need to soundproof your room.Kaitlyn - uhhh I don't know what you're on about.Tony - please don't.Nat - so baby come Light Me Up.Steve - and maybe I'll let you on it.Thor - a little bit dangerous.* Kaitlyn rolls her eyes*Steve - but baby that's how I want it.Peter - A Little Less Conversation.Nat - and a little more touch my body.Kaitlyn - okay okay I get it just please stop.Wanda - *Walks in* hey what are you guys talking about?Kaitlyn - nothing uhh it's nothing- a month later-Nat - Wanda please you're the only one that can do it.Wanda - I already told you no.Nat - you have to Kaitlyn hasn't been the same since she got back.Wanda - Nat I'm sorry but I'm not looking in Kaitlyn's mind without her consent.Nat - if you cared for her then you would.Wanda - I'm not doing it because I care for her I don't want Kaitlyn to get hurt again.Kaitlyn - *Walks in* I hope you're not bugging my girlfriend Nat.Nat - I need to speak to you alone.Kaitlyn - whatever you need to say you can say it in front of Wanda.Nat - no I can't*Grabs Kaitlyn's hand and drags her to her room*Kaitlyn - what the hell is your problem ever since you got me back you haven't let me do anything.Nat - I'm just looking out for you.Kaitlyn - okay when are you going to stop suggesting that I'm suicidal?Nat - when you start acting like someone that wants to be alive.Kaitlyn - let me back on the missions.Nat - why?Kaitlyn - because I'm not suicidal and if you think that then you're wrong.Nat - what happened last month when Hydra got you?Kaitlyn - I almost died you think I got caught for kicks?Nat - you're careless with your life.* a tear rolls down Kaitlyn's cheek*Nat - you're not splitting your wrist but you're careless, probably because our mother told you you were a waste of space on this planet the problem is you believed her and if you don't watch out you're going to die because of it and I can't lose you.Kaitlyn - you can't lose me you never even cared about me, you left me you left me alone you sent me away how could you do that?!Nat - Kaitlyn I-* Kaitlyn's eyes turn red and she blast across the room and hits her head and Falls unconscious and Kaitlyn collapsed to the floor also unconscious ** Kaitlyn wakes up in the hospital bed with Wanda by her side*Wanda - how are you feeling?Kaitlyn - I'm okay what happened wait where's Nat is she okay?Wanda - hey slow down Kaitlyn Nat's fine, it's you were all worried about.Kaitlyn - what do you mean I'm fine.Wanda - babe how did you throw Nat across the room?Kaitlyn - I...I don't know.Wanda - did something happen at Hydra that you haven't told us about,that you haven't told me about?Kaitlyn - no of course not I already told you I can't remember what happened at Hydra.Wanda - the others want me to look inside your mind to see what they did to you but I'm not doing anything to don't want me to. Kaitlyn - I want you to I need to know what's going on.Wanda - are you sure?Kaitlyn - yes I'm sure.* Wanda goes to get the others*Tony - are you ready kid?Kaitlyn - as ready as I'll ever be.*Wanda kisses Kaitlyn before placing your hands on her and goes into her mind**Inside her memories Kaitlyn is being wheeled of into a room being tortured and tested on they strap her down on a table and injecting her with something*Wanda - *screams out in pain*Nat - are you okay what happened what did you see?Wanda - everything,They were testing things on Kaitlyn torturing was awful.Nat - did they give her anything that could explain her powers?Wanda - they injected something in her but I don't know what.Bruce - I could do a few tests to see if I can find anything.Steve - let Kaitlyn rest for today she's done enough,you can start tomorrow.* later that night Kaitlyn had a nightmare waking up screaming Wanda would jump up awake next to her*Wanda - hey you're okay Kaitlyn I'm right here nothing can hurt you,you're okay*hugs her* you're going to be okay. To be continued!
Kaitlyn Romanoff Black widow's sister PT.3Wanda - how you feeling after last night?Kaitlyn - I'm okay actuallyWanda - good because me and the rest have been talking-Kaitlyn - ooo well this can't be good.Wanda - be quiet and let me finish.Kaitlyn - okay okay what were you saying?Wanda - while Bruce is testing their blood samples we thought that you should do some training to see what abilities you have.Kaitlyn - well this should be fun,when do we start?Wanda - now,meet me down at the training room.-At the training room-Kaitlyn - so where do we start?Wanda - well we thought you could try and move these bottles.Kaitlyn - okay sure* focuses and tries to move the bottles but nothing happens* this is hopeless nothing's happening.Wanda - try again.Kaitlyn - fine* you try again then all of a sudden one of the bottles moved*Oh my god did you see that?Wanda - * laughs*Kaitlyn - why are you laughing.Wanda - no reason.Kaitlyn - you moved it didn't you?Wanda - I would never do such a thing.Kaitlyn - * she punches her in the arm playfully and they both laugh*Wanda - let's try something else.Kaitlyn - so what's next?Wanda - try to lift that car.Kaitlyn - you're not being serious are you?Wanda - come on just try it KaitlynKaitlyn - * walks over and tries to lift the car* this is just not happening,no offense babe but this one was a bit dumb.Wanda - was it my idea it was Sam's.Kaitlyn - of course it was... Got any other ideas?Wanda - uhh not really.Peter - maybe she's Bulletproof.*they look at him*Kaitlyn - Peter no.Peter - it's worth a shot.Kaitlyn - no one is shooting a gun at me,anyway I have a idea meet me on top of the roof.-on the roof-Wanda - so what's your idea?Kaitlyn - that I can fly.Wanda - Kaitlyn you are not jumping off the roof! Nat tell her.Nat - * shrugs*Wanda - you're crazy.Kaitlyn - I know *falls off the building*Nat - oh my God I didn't think she would actually do it Wanda do something.Wanda - * catchers her with her powers*-A while later-Nat - why the hell did you jump?Kaitlyn - well it's not like you try to stop me.Nat - I didn't think you were actually going to jump!Kaitlyn - you should know me by now sis.Wanda - *walks in* are you two done fighting Steve's waiting for us.Kaitlyn - for what?Wanda - to race you.Kaitlyn - why?Wanda - he thinks you have super speed.Nat - this should be fun.- at the race track-Steve - you ready Kaitlyn?Kaitlyn - nope.Nat - Go!Steve - on your left.Kaitlyn - nope right I'm done I'm not running anymore he says 'on your left' one more time I'm going to kill him.Wanda - okay I think we're done for today.-at midnight-Wanda - baby can we please go to bed?Kaitlyn - I want ice cream.Wanda - it's midnight we can't get ice cream right now.Kaitlyn - but I want ice cream.Wanda - I'm not getting you ice cream.Kaitlyn - *throws off covers* Wanda - I hate you so much.Kaitlyn - come on bub.Wanda - * laughs**in the kitchen*Kaitlyn - you want cake?Wanda - no I want sleep.Kaitlyn - I think you want cake.Wanda - no.- the next morning Kaitlyn wakes up but Wanda isn't by her side-Wanda - *In the living room* I think I have an idea to see what Kaitlyn's powers are.Nat - and what would that be?Wanda - the first time she use them you were both fighting Kaitlyn was angry and upset.Nat - so we need to get Kaitlyn angry,how are we going to do that?Kaitlyn - *walks down* morning what are you guys doing?Nat - oh uh nothing.Kaitlyn - babe I was thinking we could do more training today.Wanda - oh I'm actually busy today I'm sorry Kaitlyn.Kaitlyn - what about you Nat you up for it?Nat - sorry sis but I got things to do maybe tomorrow?Kaitlyn - oh..I guess I'll just go ask one of the guys.*leaves*Nat - the Wanda we going to the movies?Wanda - uh why I thought we were going to talk about a plan to help Kaitlyn.Nat - we are but we can't stay here because we told Kaitlyn we were busy plus there's the movie out I want to see so...Wanda - okay fine.- later at the movies-Nat - okay so what's your plan Wanda?Wanda - you need to flirt with me in front of Kaitlyn.Nat - what the hell,No!Wanda - I don't really like the idea but it'll work.Nat - I don't really fancy getting thrown across the room again why can't one of the guys do it?Wanda - they said no but don't worry the rest will be there just in case.Nat - okay fine but this doesn't work I'm going to kill you.Wanda - no you won't.- at Avengers Tower-Wanda - so how was it today with the guys?Kaitlyn - it was good very eventful I had to go at Tony's suit.*Flash back*Tony - be careful you could get hurt.Kaitlyn - come on how hard can this be?* boosters turn on and she hits the roof** end of flashback*Kaitlyn - looks like you guys forgot to invite me to your little get together.Wanda - no we were just about to text you.Kaitlyn - yeah but just about, I also notice I wasn't invited to go with you guys to the movies last night either.Wanda - it was a horror movie.Nat - you hate horror movies.Kaitlyn - So!I hate spiders too but if a spider was having a birthday party I could swing by for some cake.Nat - Kaitlyn come back hang out with us sit down.Kaitlyn - oh no thank you I will be sitting elsewhere with Sam and Bucky, jealous should be.- later on-Steve - hey Kaitlyn Nat and Wanda are waiting outside to start your training.Kaitlyn - okay thanks.Nat - are you sure about this?Wanda - nope.Kaitlyn - * walks outside and sees Nat and Wanda*Nat - you look so good wonder if only my sister wasn't in the way.Wanda - thanks.Nat - * cups the side of Wanda's face and leans into kiss her*Kaitlyn - what the hell is going!!* her eyes start to turn white and the wind around her starts to get heavier*Wanda - Kaitlyn calm down this isn't what it looks like.Nat - oh my God...Kaitlyn - you* sends a huge gust of wind that way throwing Nat across the field luckily Peter catches her before she hits the floor*Wanda - Kaitlyn please calm down.*Kaitlyn starts running towards Nat*Wanda - stop!*Stops Kaitlyn with her powers causing Kaitlyn to fall*Kaitlyn - * gets back up and hits Wanda with her powers her eyes start changing back to normal and she realizes what she's done* I-I didn't mean to I'm sorry.Wanda - Kaitlyn.*Kaitlyn runs off*Peter - at least you know she loves you.Steve - not the right time Peter.Wanda - Kaitlyn wait!!!- in her room-Kaitlyn - Wanda just leave me alone.Wanda - Kaitlyn please just let me in.Kaitlyn - I don't want to hurt you again.Wanda - it's my fault that this happened not yours just please let me in so we can talk.Kaitlyn - *opens the door* you have 5 minutes.Wanda - *walks in and sits on the bed* I asked Nat to flirt with me...Kaitlyn - Why?Wanda - I thought Getting you angry would help us see what your abilities were.Kaitlyn - but why if we did more training we could have figured it out.Wanda - I know and I'm sorry it was a stupid idea I understand if you hate me but forgive your sister she didn't want to do it.Kaitlyn - Wanda I don't hate you,you made a mistake.Wanda - I love you so much.Kaitlyn - I love you too.* hugs her* Ok but how cool is it that I can manipulate air?Wanda - you're such a dork.Kaitlyn - but I'm your dork.- a while later-Kaitlyn - hey Nat. Nat - yeah?Kaitlyn - I'm sorry uhh I tried to kill you.Nat - don't sweat it's not like it's the first time.Kaitlyn - *laughs*Nat - anyway I'm the one who should be apologizing I shouldn't have went along with Wanda's plan.Kaitlyn - I forgive you.Nat - want to go get your ass kicked in training?Kaitlyn - you wish when have I ever lost?Nat - all the time.Kaitlyn - uh lies.Nat - come on but you are not using your powers got it?Kaitlyn - fineNat - now that I got you alone I need to ask you something.Kaitlyn - sureNat - have you ever done it in my room.Kaitlyn - I knew you were going to ask me this.Nat - you've done in my room?!Kaitlyn - *holds back laughter*Nat - you fucker you and Wanda are in so much trouble right now.Kaitlyn - it was twice actually.Nat - you are so dead.Kaitlyn - you have to catch me first*runs up to the main room where she bumps into Wanda *Wanda - hey,you okay?Kaitlyn - no time to explain just run.Wanda - why?*Kaitlyn grabs Wanda's hand and runs to her room locking the door*Wanda - babe what's going on?Kaitlyn - she knows!Wanda - Kaitlyn what are you talking about?Nat - has anyone seen Wanda and Kaitlyn!!Wanda - oh my God we're so dead.- later on that day-* knock on Kaitlyn's bedroom door*Nat - will you open the door?Kaitlyn - I don't think so.Nat - I'm not going to kill you we're all just waiting for you and Wanda so we can start the movie.Kaitlyn - how do I know this isn't a trick?Nat - because it's movie night.Wanda - she's got a point.Kaitlyn - okay okay we're coming.*Avenger's watching TV*" hi my name is Cami and I'm a mother of Two and a Half girls and I've created-"Kaitlyn - 2 and a half? You have half a daughter? Oh no no she means she's pregnant with onePeter - *starts laughing*Kaitlyn - I thought-*laughs*Steve - *laughs*Kaitlyn - I wasn't paying attention I just heard she's got two and a half children I was like what where's the other half of your daughter gone?*Everyone laughs*-After they finish watching the movie there's a knock on the door-Tony - I'm not getting it.Kaitlyn - I guess I'll get it*opens the door*Finn - did you miss me princess?Kaitlyn - What are yo-* before she could finish he pulled her close to him and kissed her* -To be continued-
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Guys, i have a terrible annoucement to do but im pretty sure you might have heard the news already. Chadwick Boseman who played T´Challa (Black Panther) has died at the young age of 43 years old.
He lost the battle against cancer, a battle he fought for four years, wich makes the truth to hard to be real for some of us because he didnt looked sick at all.
We´ll always remember him as the king of Wakanda and the god of wisedom, writing and moon god: Thoth (in Gods of Egypt, thats how i first met him, two years before Civil War), I dont know if someone who was related to him is reading this but if that were the case please allow me to say that im very sorry for this lost.
Thanks for your attention
- LordVaderNihilus
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