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Super Albino Llama: Llamas are awesome! (400)
I've seen it: It's Coming -- Stay Tuned!
My Bio
Current Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Favourite genre of music: I like most music, but not anything heavy.
Favourite style of art: I use photoshop. :3
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Any iPod which doesn't involve a touchscreen. >_>
Shell of choice: Red Koopa Shell... Actually, I don't even know what ths question is asking.
Wallpaper of choice: This weird beige color... oh; didn't this mean that kind of wallpaper?
Skin of choice: You mean I can choose something OTHER than this pink fleshy stuff?
Personal Quote: Everything is walking distance.

Favourite Movies
Umm... I don't think I have one.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nope; nothing here either.
Favourite Games
Don't really have one. I like lots of games.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Not the X-Box or X360. And the PS3 is too expensive. I'll go with the Wii and PS2 equally
Tools of the Trade
Pencil or mouse. And sometimes both. I've got a Wacom too, but that has a steep learning curve.
Other Interests
Stuff. I don't actually know. XP
Seriously, if you're going to give me one of those pointless things anyway, could you at least comment or favorite my work? Llama badges tell me nothing about what you thought of my work... indeed, all they tell me is that you were on my profile page once; I have no reason to know that kind of thing, but knowing what you think of my work would by contrast be very helpful. So yeah. If you for any reason see the need to give me a llama badge, please comment on my work and/or favorite something. I still don't want the badges, but I can see how it has become second nature to so many members of this site.
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While I still don't like the llamas - my opinion hasn't changed even slightly - I figured it would be a good idea to change my journal now that the rush has mostly subsided. Nothing new to say though really, so... yeah. :/
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(A repeat journal, but I feel it is warranted.) I don't like them. I never have. As far as I am concerned, they are essentially the worst part of DA there is, random scribbles, bad fanfiction, and art thieves included. So if you want to give me a llama, I have one thing to say to you: **** off. And no, I'm not being sarcastic or trying to be amusing in the slightest. EDIT: And to all you people who came from Rubbing's journal (or any of those which followed, such as P4P) because he linked you to here: Could you at least look at my work and respond accordingly? Be nice, and accompany your pointless and unappreciated gesture - the llama - w
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you have the coolest avatar

(Admittedly, I prefer my old one. I believe I've uploaded both to my gallery a few years ago, in case you want to look)
Wow awesome!!
People are still at it? It makes me want to hop onto my multitudes of alts and give you llamas.
Not a heap like during your... campaign, but still enough that I felt that making my current journal would be a good idea.

Because really, I don't come here to see the same llamas everywhere, I come here to see the large variety of artwork people put up. Llamas don't help. :/
I gave you a llama. Than i saw a piece of artwork I like and faved it. Hope that makes up for the llama :P
Oh, and I just noticed that you put "Spider" in your "Digital Art" collection; to correct you, that piece was drawn using felt-tip pen, not a computer. :/