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Paradox + Speedpaint

By Ilynalta
Ok, so this drawing is a BIG test. Testing streaming, testing anatomy, testing hair shading, testing a new type of speedpaint, testing paint tool Sai... I might tests background with it later too.
It was entirely made in Friday and Saturday's streams, from sketch to final shading ;) I tried a more "realistic style" (I guess ???)
Oc Paradox Nebula from me ;)

Hope you like it :)
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wow!!! o.o it's such a pwetty style!!!!
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Oh my gosh, this is amazing work. The hair is just beautiful and the color is better. I would say anatomy has improved, though you might want try make her muzzle longer and more pronounced, maybe also give her more cheek pudge. Overall though, I think this test was an absolute success.
I feel bad I missed your stream, I will try to come visit sometime.
Fantastic job, and Paradox is still such a cutie! <3
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Yass I agree her muzzle is way too short. But I only realised my mistakes after uploading >_> I'll think about when I'll use this style again, thanks <3
That's ok, considering I streamed during the afternoon here it would have been difficult for you to follow it. I'll try to start a bit later next time :)
I... I'm cute? I don't want to look cute, I just want to look cool! *blushes* aaaarf, I'm cute >_>
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I feel you, it's so hard to see the mistakes with fresh eyes, and then is harder to even consider fixing it. But you've got it in you, the style is lovely.
You totally don't have to make way for me X3 I enjoy the end product and speed paint enough.
Of course you want to look cute! You look cute as is with that chest floof, I could guess you weren't even trying.
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Tu deviens de plus en plus incroyable niveau dessin !
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Whaa elle rend vraiment bien! Je trouve ce style plus original que l'ancien, que je trouvais un peu trop proche de celui du show. Continue de t'entrainer, tu es bien partie pour faire de superbes choses! ^^
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Ouais, en plus c'était chiant je peux pas faire de détails avec le style du show D:
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I love it, that style looks really well done! Always good to try out new things :)
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Awww thank you <3
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