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Moria Gate

for LOTR 10th anniversary

Photoshop and SAI
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Hello Anna! My name is Darrell Curtis and I am the new editor of the Tolkien Society's Amon Hen bulletin.

I think your Tolkien art “Moria Gate” would appeal to our readers around the world. I wondered if you would be interested in contributing art to our publication (with attribution, of course!)?

If so, you can respond here or write me at amonhen (at) tolkiensociety (dot) org

Best regards,


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Mellon! I love the watcher in the water creepin' out...

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Love that classic saga!!!!!!!!!!!
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Love all the LOTR work, the details are superb, you draw the fellowship so beautifully. You bring them to life for me! Thank you!🌺
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Watch it, Smeagol's in sight! :stinkeye:

And the whole images is great ;D
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Ooooh, this very beautifully done! ^^ <3
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Wow, very beautiful. You have such wonderful work.
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My first impression of this work: this is GREAT.

My second impression, which included realizing Gollum is climbing down the left side: oh, this is AWESOME.

Gollum is the best thing about this piece. Not only is he very well-drawn, but the way he's drawn reflects his character: sneaky, resentful, unexpected. I almost wet myself when I saw him. XD

And I just now noticed the Watcher's tentacle. This piece is going to be the death of me. :D

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I just wanted to let you know that I put this in an art feature in my group :iconrealmsoffantasy-myth: , in the article "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Finale - Tokien's Legacy".  You can find it here: realmsoffantasy-myth.deviantar…  ^_^
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Hey, I featured this on my journal as one of my personal favorite deviations from my Favorites (2012) :[link]
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This is brilliant and truly awesome artwork. :D +Fave!
Rina-Inverse-Asakura's avatar
I love it! Very nice ^__^
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Thumps ups for putting Bill
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Wow. Looked at this three times, and just now noticed Gollum in the corner. Good job!
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this has to be my ALL TIME most AWSOMEST most INCREDABLE..Most UNBELIVEABLE pitures i have EVER SEEENN :D :heart: you are so tallanted id kill to be able to draw like your characters look like the actors wo palied them even in chartoony style amazing legolas look so awsom here and aragon gah looks exaclty hwo he should and even boromire is awsome i noticed little Golum up there and the little pony in the picture what a great idea!!! and the detail is to die for!!!!!!
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This looks so great, you have no idea! I think the best ones are Legolas, Pippin and Boromir, for they are the ones that resemble the characters in the movies more. Still, it looks gorgeous! Well done, bravo!
wow, that looks awesome! loved Legolas and the Hobbits and the hum....wait, I loved everyone. everything is just like the movies and it seems incredible! the lineart and the colors are great!
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Fantastic! Super cute :D
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I love it! Also, I cried when they had to send Bill off. :(
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