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Flight to the Ford

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You caught the epicness of the whole scene perfectly in here.
Man I wish I was gifted with a talent like yours. This looks stunning!
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I love the horses and the hobbit the best. :)
GeaAusten's avatar
wonderful work !! :-)
Definitely in my tops for book renditions-- Excellent work! :)
Vorondara's avatar
This is a beautiful work. The horses look so perfectly painted! I love it ^-^
lucidviews's avatar
love it! soooo cool!!!!
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Mieranna's avatar
Благодарю)) очень нравится)) повешаю рисунок над кроватью :З
RiaDar's avatar
This is amazing!
LimeGreenBunny's avatar
Awesome! I'm glad to see this scene as it is in the book (sans Arwen...because book!Frodo has moxie) :D And you watercolor skills are to die for 0_0
DuskyWolfFang's avatar
Oh my gosh! This picture is excellent! Awesome job!
Matakoura's avatar
Incredible watercolour!!! Absolutely amazing!!! :)
odwild's avatar
Impressive :clap: Love your delicate style ^_^
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Best moment from the book, such a shame it wasn't as close in the movie sadly... I mean this was Frodo's best moment here
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Reminds me of the Wring Wraiths from Lord of The Rings xD Are these your interpretation of them or based off them?
lilis-gallery's avatar
Em... These ARE the Ringwraiths from LotR. :)
drj300's avatar
Well I did ask if this is their representation of the Ringwraiths =P
rain-and-sunshine's avatar
I love the texturing and composition on this. also, finally a version of this scene where he's riding alone, the way the book happened! xD
beautiful beautiful work.
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The horses are wonderful and I like the washed out foggy colours.
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Featured your gorgeous art here: [link]
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Impressive work, as always.
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