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A Pledge for God
Hah, I am about to give a pep talk. lol
Anyway, I kind of have this like internal motto since I came back from winterfest. They did a skit with blindfolds and I just feel like that was a great way of showing what I am about to say. Why don't we love God with all that we have? Why don't some people even care who he is? Because they don't see it. They don't see his love, his patience, and they don't see how wonderful he can make you feel.
When you are with God, I have learned, it feels like you're sitting next to your best friend, even if you are alone. It feels like he is a part of you. Even people who love God can be blindfolded. Little things that hurt God aren't apparent. They don't seem like much. But boy, when God lifts off that blindfold, you never ever want to go back to such apathy.
So, let's do something about it. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. You can be there for it to remind it how important that water is for it. It provides life, saves it from d
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I Can't Fly On My Own
You lift me up,
above all else.
I am reborn
All around me I see
Angels,  Hope,
Beauty, I am so in love.
The clouds move,
they reveal a harsh reality.
I am so high above,
pulled out of the world,
but the atmosphere is approaching fast.
It takes hold of me,
pulls me back down.
You frantically reach for me
but I don't even realize that I am falling.
The distance between us isn't apparent to me,
but it is all that you can think of.
Why can't I see?
I am in the place I am supposed to hate.
I am of the world, not just on it.
God, lift me up again.
Keep me high above,
Don't let me fall.
I want to fly with you, forever,
not on occasion.
I love you my God
Let me live in your high :)
:iconiluvrock0527:iluvrock0527 16 12
For you my Lord
You take my heart,
and hold it in your hand.
It beats for you O'lord
Do with it as you please,
Just don't let go of it.
Keep your hand on it Jesus
Fill it with your love
It is flawed
It is hardened
It is cold.
Bruised and beaten,
worn down and exhausted.
Breathe life into God.
Show it a love that it has never felt before.
It is yours now.
I want you to have it
Only you can heal it
Only you can make it whole.
Please take accept my gift.
It isn't much
but it is everything I have to give.
I love you
:iconiluvrock0527:iluvrock0527 3 0
Please read - Winterfest 2010
     So I just returned from Winterfest in Knoxville, Tn and honestly, I'm kind of depressed now. I am home. Back to normal. Without my church buddies and just thinking back to the amazing things that God did for me this weekend, I just feel like I'm in the wrong place. I want to go back. I miss it.
     Anyway, God has really changed me this weekend. So much. I feel so much closer to him and I feel him in my heart. It saddens me to think that such emotional events don't happen that often, but I do have to remember that God is ALWAYS here, and he is the one who brought on that emotion. I just want to go to church tonight, even though we just got back, I want to be where God is. I have felt a whole lot of pain however. Pain for the souls who just don't get it. I hear amazing sermons and cry my eyes out and feel so whole and perfect, and then I look up to see some people just unaffected. Trust me, at winterfest, there were very few unaffe
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Creation by iluvrock0527 Creation :iconiluvrock0527:iluvrock0527 29 24
Hear Me Out
I understand that I am submitting this to a Christian Club, meaning that you already understand what I am saying, but I just feel like I have to get this out of me.
After reading the book "23 Minutes in Hell" by Bill Weise and reading some of the wonderful poetry/ prose on here I just have this desire to ramble on. I understand if I lost your attention when I mentioned "rambling on" but this is very important to me.
My heart aches for those who are going to Hell. It really does. And before I elaborate, I just need to say that sometimes I don't feel like I am worthy of going to Heaven. Yeah, it's true. I've been blessed with a wonderful life by a magnificent creator, yet sometimes it seems like it'd require to much effort from me to at least say thanks God. For real, some times I can be pitiful to the most amazing aspect of my life. He crucified his son for me yet I pray every night before bed, and sometimes that is all. It's sickening to look back upon. But don't get me wrong, I feel s
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Solace by iluvrock0527 Solace :iconiluvrock0527:iluvrock0527 28 24
The Worst of the Worst
I have been reading the book 23 Minutes in Hell. It covers a subject that many Christians don't get preached to about. Hell is a scary place. It is a place of torment, punishment, loneliness, and no mercy. No wonder many churches stray from speaking about it, they don't want to scare off their members! BUT to me the saddest thing is, is that many non-christians/christians believe that God heartlessly sends people to that dreadful place. Now wait a minute, you are saying this wonderful omnipotent God just torments you if you refuse to love him? God spends entire life times trying to coax you out of a ticket to Hell. YOUR ENTIRE LIFE he is there sending messages and blessings and second chances ALL TO SAVE YOU. Most people don't even realize that we couldn't endure even a fraction of the sadness that God endures when he loses a soul to Hell. Your entire life you sin, yet if you are willing to love God and become a better person, EVERY SINGLE sin you have ever committed will be forgiven.
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The crisp pages,
the first mark.
It is exhilarating!
The clean look,
a new beginning.
What will the lines behold?
New notebooks are a chance,
soon to hold many advancements,
ideas from the mind.
The future.
Just release them from the tips of your fingers!
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Profillin by iluvrock0527 Profillin :iconiluvrock0527:iluvrock0527 0 0
These are my newest deviations! Enjoy!





United States
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It has definitely been awhile

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 15, 2010, 3:42 PM
I look at my last journal...from March haha. Oh how I have changed since then. Winterfest was the beginning of a BIG journey closer to God that will hopefully never end. <3

I have since broken up with the guy I was dating then. Very tough, but necessary. Just, a whole lot, like a ton is different, but for the better.

Drawing lately has been very tough for me. I have an artist's block from my nightmare, and I'm not sure if I'm interested in fixing it, because drawing kind of stresses me out now. BUT, on the bright side, I have discovered that I like a lot of different types of art now, such as paper mache, sculpture, making things like keychains and bookmarks. Every now and then I still like to draw as well. So, maybe this is a good thing.

Anyway, I guess I don't have much else to say. Sorry that I haven't been super-active on here, due to the aforementioned artist's block. I do still get on frequently though, and maybe I'll be doing some more uploading in the future because of the paper crafts I've been making and because I have a tablet :]

Well, see you around!

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