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My Bio

Commodore Wundry Lewonach Cadanya Furdell, Galactic Overlord, Commander ISS FeraDawn -- NTX-2658 (Quasar Class) -- Quantum Duality Propulsion System, BiChanneled Redundant Paired Nacelle Configuration, Warp 20 Continuous Velocity Minimum

Origin: Kimini City, (est. pop. 26,000,000) -- Planet Fisa, Mu Quadrant

Birth: 11,340 A.D. -- Genetically Engineered by UnKnown Aliens

Alma Mater -- Daystrom Institute Annex on Cygnus Prime, Major, Theoretical Propulsion, Professor, Dante Daystrom -- Minor, Arcade Studies, Professor, Adam Spinner -- 2nd Minor, Political Manipulation, Professor, Lewis Senesha

Corporate Affiliations -- Kallura Industries, LLC - Designers of Kallura TS-659, 1st FeraGonic (Multi-Dimensional) Energy Powered Conveyance

Personal Ground/Assault Vehicle -- RemStar/Mercedes CLS865 ProtoType, Modified, Enhanced Acceleration, MultiPoint Targeting Array w/ Projectile, Particle, and FeraGonic Energy Weapons/Defences, Gravity Drive Propulsion -- (SEGMA Drive, ProtoType #6), Heavily Armored (Fertonium 300), Autonomous Control/Photonic Cloak/Gen 17 A.I.


Fiancée -- Mistress Lisa Callithawaya Laruva (1st Officer - ISS FeraDawn)

Personal Chauffeur/BodyGuard -- Stephen Keedin, Retired 6 Star Commodore in the Baryonic War of 2725 (Exec Officer, ISS FeraDawn)

Human Foster Parents -- Richard Smithsen Jayson Furdell, Darletta Sedira Merlotte

FeraDawn Crew: (crew count, approx 6300)

Commodore Wundry Lewonach Cadanya Furdell, Commander

Mistress Lisa Callithawaya Laruva, 1st Officer

Stephen Keedin, Exec Officer

Stacey Dawn Desont, Chief of Security

Seneca Cadanya, Tactical Chief

Finnera Remlatz, Federation/Gamma Quadrant Societies Pool/Cloaked Quadrants Union Liaison Officer -- Founder of SegmaTron Industries, LLC

Adam Spinner, Lead Engineering Coordinator -- CEO of Kallura Industries, Lead Design Team Head, Kallura TS-659, SEGMA 6 (Simultaneous Energetic Gravity Manipulating Acceleration, ProtoType #6), Quantum Duality Drive, and FeraGonic Energy Drive, 1st Prototype

Freyna Felnin, Science/Research Officer

Photos Greene, Chief of Medicine

Lois Forter, HelmsPerson

Stealth Tech/Defences:

Enhanced Persistent FeraGonic Energy Cloak, ChronoDiverter Deflector Barriers, UltraDense Fertonium 3 (Atomic Wt. 300) Hi-Heat Rated Morphic Shielding, Level 16 Enhanced Adaptive MetaPhasic Shielding


Cadanium Decay Radionic Pulse Beam, HyperGravity Displacement Cannon, Focused Temporal Energy ShockWave Initiator

Favourite Visual Artist
Shusei Nagaoka, H. R. Giger
Favourite Movies
Terminator, Aliens, Total Recall, Die Hard, Passenger 57, Alien Nation, CliffHanger, Escape Plan, 6th Day, Running Man, Hangar 18, Fame, Speed, FutureWorld, RollerCoaster, Sometimes they Come Back, Escape from New York, WarGames, The Core, Last Embrace
Favourite TV Shows
Colony, Almost Human, Terra Nova, Orphan Black, FlashForward, JourneyMan, NYPD Blue, Law & Order SVU, CSI Cyber, CSI NY, CSI Miami, NCIS LA, Jake 2.0, McGyver, Scorpion, Square Pegs, ALF, Whiz Kids, Fall Guy, V, the Cape
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, New Order, Madonna, Donna Summer, Foreigner, Thomas Dolby, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol, ABBA, Jean Michel Jarre, YMO/Ryuichi Sakamoto, OMD
Favourite Books
Mutation by Robin Cook, Friday - Heinlein, DayWorld - Philip Jose Farmer, Giants Star, Voyage from YesterYear - James P. Hogan, Jurassic Park
Favourite Writers
James Patrick Hogan, Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, John Varley, Frederik Pohl, Robert Heinlein, Philip Jose Farmer, Harry Harrison, Larry Niven, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, H. G. Wells, Jerry Pournelle
Favourite Games
RoadWar 2000, StationFall, PlanetFall, Mass Effect Andromeda, GTA V, Fallout 4, Sims 3, CyberPunk 2077
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Win (Lose?) PRO for FullER Control --- I Don't need William Henry Gates III BabySitting Me, *I* don't need to be reminded when to eat, sleep, pee, etc!! -- CLOSE those GATES Down!!
Tools of the Trade
PhotoShop Elements/Premier Elements 18, MSI GL65, Canon SX420is, Nikon P510, Brother MFCJ680DW, SamSung 65NU8500, MSI Duke GTX 1080, SamSung 970 PRO 512GB, WD Blk 2TB, Corsair H115i, Corsair RM1000i, Sharp AQUOS LC52LE640, ZTE Axon 10 Pro, MSI GP73
Other Interests
New Tech/Gadgets, WebSurfing, Photography, Vid Editing/Grafix, Creative SciFi Writing, Genealogy, Cars, Cats, Hockey ---- 'If it doesn't Lite Up, Turn On, or Plug In, I Don't Want it!' ---- 'Most ppl get just what's Coming to Them, UNless it was mAILed!!'

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