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Ancient Lovers ReunitedThe anticipated exhibit finally arrived at the city museum. Numerous folks were anxious to see the sarcophagus and mummy of Prince Snefre, an Egyptian prince who lived and died approximately 4,000 years ago. At last, the exhibit was officially open, and a crowd flooded in to see the deceased prince. The sarcophagus was painted in gold and covered with hieroglyphics indicating the prince’s name, title, and other necessary information for his journey in the afterlife. The mummy was bound tightly in gauze and uncovered from the shoulders up. The facial features were withered and dried, but well preserved. The nose, lips, and closed eyes were in ideal condition for a 4,000-year-old corpse, even if it had been thoroughly embalmed. Guests and news reporters flashed their cameras at the mummy and sarcophagus. After a couple hours, the museum’s top curator who was also an Egyptologist gave a presentation for the reporters and the rest of the crowd. He had read the hieroglyphics on the golden sarcophagus and discovered a peculiar message: “Osiris, please welcome our beloved Prince Snefre into paradise, and please forgive him too. He was a good boy but brought shame to his family.” The top curator mentioned this to the reporters. “It’s a very odd message indeed. Prince Snefre obviously didn’t commit any crimes, but he supposedly shamed his family somehow, which of course would’ve been a severe offense in and of itself. We’ll definitely look into and study this as hard as possible.” Standing on the other side of the large room, a teen boy seemed to be…heartbroken. His parents and a couple other folks, a guy and gal who were a few years older than him, all embraced the saddened teen. His parents and the other two companions seemed to mourn as well. But then, the guy’s father whispered, “Don’t you worry my son, tonight we will finally accomplish what we’ve been waiting for all these countless years!” His mother and the other accompanying pair all smiled and nodded, tears forming in their dark eyes. The teenager smiled back and nodded, holding back a sob. Later that night when the museum was closed and the time was nearing midnight, one of the building’s back doors slowly swung open, despite being locked and secured. Then, this very same group entered. After they were all inside, the anxious guy’s father waved his hand and recited a strange chant. With that, the door slowly closed and then locked again! Upon noticing the security cameras, which were facing away from the intruders, at least for a few more seconds, the man waved both his hands and recited another chant. Then, the cameras stopped moving! Everyone nodded at each other, then made their way through the museum, toward the exhibit of Prince Snefre! At last, the group arrived and began gazing at the royal mummy. After a silent moment, the youngest member of the group began sobbing. “It’s definitely him! I’d recognize his handsome features no matter what!” His parents and the other two held him tightly. “We all recognize him, my dear,” his mother said softly. “But now, everything is ready. We just need to wait a few more minutes until the stroke of midnight!” Tears still streaming down his cheeks, the teen grinned upon hearing this reminder, and even jumped for joy! The other four smiled warmly as he did so. Then, the father pulled a scroll out from under his long jacket, and a vial with some type of liquid. He removed the lid from the vial and stood beside the sarcophagus, gazing intently at the mummified prince. The others’ hearts were all pumping fiercely with excitement, especially the youngest one. At last, the huge clock in the room struck midnight! In one hand the father held the scroll, which he began reading and reciting out loud in perfect ancient Egyptian. In the other hand he held the vial, and was pouring its contents over the mummy while reading the scroll aloud. Everybody else looked on in anticipation. Finally, when the clock was done ringing and the man had already completed the recitations and emptied the vial’s liquid on to the preserved prince…the mummy’s closed eyes started to twitch! Then small movement was noticed beneath the gauze; the mummy’s fingers were also starting to twitch! Then all of a sudden, the deceased prince let out a deafening screech! The entire group covered their ears and dropped to the floor. After the screeching ceased, they slowly uncovered their ears and stood back up. Each individual gasped in surprise, amazement, and excitement! Slowly but surely, the mummy was…changing in appearance. The withered gauze began ripping, as the dried corpse began filling out. The skin and tissues were regaining moisture. The discolored skin was also turning a pinkish and tan shade. The lips were also filling out and becoming a normal tone, while the light and thin hair began to thicken and darken! Suddenly, the transforming mummy let out another loud shriek. This time, it was filled with pain and discomfort. They also noticed the body convulsing and contorting, and the facial expression tensing up. Yes, of course this regeneration was painful. The eyes still closed, the now-living corpse arched its back and wailed in misery. Then, its arms completely tore free from the wrappings and held on to the sides of its head. Of course! The brain was slowly growing back, while the linens and spices filling the eviscerated abdomen were rearranging and turning into viscera, which was then reconnecting to the rest of the body! The still changing mummy released another pain-filled shriek. Tears forming in his eyes, the adolescent guy tried to reach out and embrace the suffering prince, but his parents held him back. “No, Kanefer. We must wait for the regeneration to become complete,” his mother whispered, though her heart also ached for the transforming mummy. Kanefer nodded his head, but then fell to his knees in despair. His parents and remaining two companions kneeled beside him to offer their own comfort. They all continued listening to the corpse’s moans. Just then, the moans and wails started to alter! They were becoming less raspy and dry, and more…healthy. Next thing everyone knew, the moans and wails completely stopped, and were replaced by heavy panting. They all exchanged glances and nodded at each other, before standing back up. Upon doing so, the whole group cried out with joy! Prince Snefre was no longer a decaying withered mummy, but was a fully living human being once more! His tan skin practically glowed while he continued panting heavily. Kanefer quickly placed his hand on the prince’s bare chest. Yes, his heart was well and beating! The jubilant guy also noticed that the newly resurrected prince’s eyes were still mostly closed and barely open. He was blinking continuously. No doubt it would take a little while to recover from being dead for 4,000 years! Kanefer wrapped his arms around Prince Snefre and pulled him up for a tight embrace. As he held the royal close, Kanefer gently ran a hand through the prince’s thick black hair. His parents and the guy and gal duo cried with happiness. Just then, in the ancient Egyptian language, Prince Snefre weakly stuttered, “W…W…What is…going on? W…W…Where…am I? I…am…supposed to…be dead.” Kanefer pulled away and gently held on to the prince’s shoulders. “Well, you were dead. For 4,000 years, believe it or not. But you’re alive once more, and now we can remain together!” The joyful teen then leaned in, and gave the dazed prince a tender kiss on his lips! His father and the younger male companion whistled, while his mother and the younger female hugged each other as they shed tears of happiness. The resurrected royal’s eyes widened. He slowly pulled away, and stared at the other adolescent. His voice still weak, the prince stuttered, “Is it…really you…K-K-Kanefer?!” The boy nodded his head emphatically, and pulled a pendant out from under his shirt. Then Kanefer laid his hand on the pendant Snefre wore around his neck, and after leaning in closer he pressed their identical pendants together. The royal looked down, and then his eyes beamed with bliss! He returned his gaze to the other teen before him. After studying his appearance for another minute, Snefre cried, “Y-Y-Yes…it is you!” Then he practically forced another passionate kiss on the other’s lips. Kanefer didn’t mind though, and he stroked both hands through the newly grown black hair. After reluctantly pulling away from the loving hug, Prince Snefre’s eyes beamed again when he noticed the others who were also present. He first looked at his lover’s parents, and asked, “Pakhom? Meresamun?” The couple bowed their heads in respect, and Kanefer’s mother replied, “Yes, it is us, my prince! Words cannot describe how happy we are now.” The newly risen royal then glanced at the other duo, and asked, “Mayet, and Idu?” The guy and gal also bowed their heads in reverence, then nodded excitedly. The prince smiled warmly. Even after so many centuries, these confidants were loyal and supportive. Mayet and Idu were twins, and servants in the palace. They were a few years older than the prince himself, so they practically grew up with him. Snefre considered them his own siblings. They also grew up with Kanefer, whose father Pakhom was the top scribe of the prince’s parents, Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy. He had also studied mysticism and magic for quite a while. His wife Meresamun was the royal physician. As a result of Pakhom and Meresamun having such prominent roles in the pharaoh’s court, their son Kanefer also spent much of his time in the palace, and was Snefre’s closest playmate. But as the boys got older, they became more intimate than just playmates. Upon gaining…manly features, they were both attracted to each other instantly. Kanefer was too afraid to make the first move, since Snefre was the prince. But luckily for him, one day in the prince’s living quarters Snefre surprised him with a kiss on the cheek. Kanefer responded by also giving a kiss…on the lips! Prince Snefre grinned, then pulled his longtime companion toward the bed, and within seconds the boys were snuggling. A few months into their new relationship, twin servants Mayet and Idu accidentally walked in on the young lovers cuddling in the prince’s bed! Snefre and Kanefer immediately started to panic. The royal was just about to command (more like beg) his longtime servants to say absolutely nothing to anyone. But to his and Kanefer’s surprise, Mayet squealed and jumped, clasping her hands together! “Ooh, this is so sweet and adorable!”, she exclaimed. Her brother Idu merely nodded his head in agreement, then whistled and raised his eyebrows at the younger boys. The lovers turned bright red, then let out huge sighs of relief. For the next few years, the twins kept this secret to themselves as promised. Shortly after Prince Snefre celebrated his 15th birthday, his parents had a serious discussion with him. Since he was their oldest son and heir to the throne, it was now time to plan a wedding…his wedding! “W-What?!”, a shocked Snefre stuttered. “I know it doesn’t seem possible,” Queen Nebettawy said gently. “But you’re already 15 years old. As heir to the throne of Egypt, it’s very important that you get married as soon as possible so that you can start carrying on the bloodline.” “That’s right, son,” said Pharaoh Irihar. “Producing heirs is one of a pharaoh’s major responsibilities.” Prince Snefre backed away, his heart pounding. Then he inquired, “Can I have some time alone now?” “Yes, of course,” Pharaoh Irihar replied. After exiting, the prince ran to the other side of the palace toward his bedchamber. Upon arriving in his quarters, the teen prince flopped down on his bed and sobbed softly. Before long, Kanefer entered. Upon seeing his beloved crying, he rushed to the bedside and laid beside him. “What’s wrong, my love?”, Kanefer asked, deeply worried. Snefre looked up at the other adolescent, and replied, “My parents just informed me, that I need to start planning my own wedding. Since I’m heir to the throne, I’m obligated to carry on the bloodline. You know what this means, right?” Kanefer’s jaw dropped, then he stammered, “You must marry a girl…which means we cannot be together!” The prince nodded, then added, “Well, I could still have you on the side. But if I can’t have you as my number one…” Snefre broke down sobbing again and buried his face in his boyfriend’s chest. Kanefer wrapped him in a tight hug, and was also beginning to weep. Mayet and Idu walked by the entrance, and upon hearing the lovers crying together they rushed into the prince’s room. The twins were also shocked and saddened upon learning the news. Early the next morning, the twins re-entered Prince Snefre’s bedchamber to wake him. Idu gently shook his body, but them jumped back and gasped! It was then, Mayet noticed a note at the prince’s side, and an empty goblet. The servants screamed in horror and heartache, and ran out into the hall. “Prince Snefre is dead! Prince Snefre is dead!”, they both screamed. Within minutes Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy hastily arrived, along with numerous other servants and other palace officials. “What?! No, it can’t be!”, the queen shrieked. But after entering her oldest son’s room and going to his bedside, and seeing his limp body along with the note and goblet, she knew in her broken heart that Snefre had committed suicide by ingesting poison. Nebettawy let out a deafening scream of despair and fell to her knees. “My son, my heir and oldest son…”, Irihar stuttered when he joined his queen at her side. He was too choked up to say anything else. The pharaoh then picked up the note. It read: “I cannot and will not go through with getting married and producing more heirs for our family line. I already love someone with all my heart, but obviously he’s unable to have children with me. If I cannot have him as my number one, then I refuse to go on living. Please understand, and please forgive me.” Irihar’s eyes widened. He slowly dropped to his knees, and laid his head on the sheets. Suddenly, another devastated scream sounded, followed by Kanefer running into his lover’s bedchamber, his parents following to try and stop him. The teen choked up at the sight of his prince’s lifeless body. He covered Snefre’s body with his own, wailing and sobbing uncontrollably. Pakhom and Meresamun could only stand back and watch, as they also started crying in despair at Snefre’s death and their own son’s heartbreak. Within a few hours, preparations for the elaborate funerary practices began. As Snefre’s corpse was being carried away to be mummified, Kanefer whispered, “I’ll always love and miss you!” Later that evening, Pakhom and Meresamun sat down with their grieving son. Pakhom stated, “I understand that Prince Snefre was already in love, but unable to be with this person because they’re also a boy and therefore unable to produce future heirs with him. The prince refused to continue living if he couldn’t be with his true love.” “Okay…where did you hear that?”, Kanefer inquired, trying not to give himself away. His father replied, “I overheard Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy talking about the note he left. Then I remembered your grief and reactions upon seeing the prince. I went to the temple of Amun-Ra, and received a vision from Amun-Ra himself. What I suspected was correct…you and Prince Snefre were deeply in love for quite some time.” His son gasped, and cried, “Do you hate me? Is the pharaoh going to have us executed?!” “No, of course we don’t hate you. We love you, and always will!” Meresamun cried. Then Pakhom continued, “Amun-Ra also informed me in the vision, that servants Mayet and Ibu had been aware of your relationship, and supported you both. As a result, Amun-Ra wants all three of us, along with Mayet and Idu, to carry out a task.” The scribe then placed a large heavy jar on the table. He went on to explain that Amun-Ra had given him the ingredients for a powerful potion, which grants temporary immortality to anyone who consumes it. The deity wanted them to drink this potion, then afterward hide out in a tomb, where upon being deprived of the sun they’d go into a deep sleep for several centuries. When the time was right, Amun-Ra himself would awaken the prince’s lover and supporters, then give them further instructions. Kanefer was anxious. He then inquired, “What did Amun-Ra mean, temporary immortality?” “He didn’t specify,” Pakhom answered, “But he will explain after awakening us in the future, he promised me that as well.” His wife and son both nodded in understanding and agreement. Kanefer went to find Mayet and Idu. After locating the servant twins, he filled them in on his father’s story and asked them to follow him back to his parents. The brother and sister gladly obeyed. Upon rejoining his scribe father and physician mother, the entire group each took turns drinking from the jar of potion. Becoming immortal was very tense, to say the least. Afterward, Pakhom wrote a letter to the pharaoh and queen, stating their son was overcome with grief at the prince’s death and he and his wife were taking him away because the palace held too many painful memories. He also wrote that Mayet and Idu were joining the family, because they were also being tormented by painful memories brought on by being in the palace. Early the next morning with the sun’s first light, the group silently exited the palace. Pakhom left the letter on a table near the entrance. They walked toward the location of many tombs, which was a lengthy hike. After finally arriving, the scribe and physician, their son, and the twin servants found a tomb large enough to hide all five of them. They entered the tomb and found a back hidden chamber. Perfect! Before long, the group drifted off into a centuries-long deep sleep. At last, Amun-Ra appeared to the scribe and the others in a shared dream. It was finally time for them to awaken from the lengthy slumber. The deity then explained what he meant by temporary immortality. The group would all become mortal and therefore normal human beings again, when Prince Snefre was rescued from death and reunited with Kanefer in person. Hearing this filled the adolescent guy with extreme excitement and joy! But Amun-Ra said they wouldn’t be resurrecting the prince right away. The world was very different now than it was during their time, and they needed to spend time learning the new ways, seeing new things, and going to new places. This would allow them to help Prince Snefre re-adjust to the world of the living. The deity then notified the group that he would appear in future visions as well with any new instructions and updates. Before Amun-Ra vanished, Kanefer asked in a pleading tone, “Please almighty Amun-Ra, tell me how Prince Snefre is doing in the afterlife? Did he make it to paradise?” The god smiled warmly, then explained that Snefre’s soul had been in a deep serene slumber as well, just like he and the others had been. He was not suffering or condemned, but his soul was safe and comfortable. Kanefer gave Amun-Ra sincere thanks, and the deity smiled again and winked at him. After waking up from this shared dream, the group spent the next five decades adjusting to the modern world, and traveling to see other places. As promised, Amun-Ra appeared in more visions every now and then. During the final vision, which was the night right before Prince Snefre’s mummy and sarcophagus arrived at the museum, Amun-Ra not only notified them of this significant even, but he also left a scroll and liquid-filled vial for Pakhom. The very same scroll that he recited from, and the very same vial he poured over the mummy! And finally, here they all were! The newly resurrected Prince Snefre and his long-awaiting paramour Kanefer, finally reunited. The lovers continued hugging and giving passionate kisses after the others filled their prince in on what happened after his death, while Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet, and Idu all watched with happiness in their hearts. After a while, Snefre attempted to stand up, only to stumble! Luckily Kanefer was still right there and caught him. Pakhom was just about to approach and help the prince step out of the sarcophagus, when the group was startled by the sound of the main entrance opening, followed by numerous sets of footsteps! To their horror, the footsteps were coming right toward Snefre’s exhibit! “Oh no, the museum is already open!”, Mayet cried, speaking English this time. Prince Snefre shot her a confused expression. Adding to the risen royal’s confusion, the others all darted behind the sarcophagus and crouched low to the floor. A frantic Kanefer blurted out to the prince, in English, “Please, get down so nobody sees you!” But of course the prince had no idea what his love or Mayet just said. Just then, a loud voice boomed, “What in the world do you think you’re doing?!” The voice was followed by several gasps and cries of bewilderment. Prince Snefre immediately turned toward the other side of the large room. There stood the top curator, a few security guards and news reporters, and several more visitors. They all gawked at the sight of this young guy who was sitting inside the sarcophagus of all places. A few visitors then took photos on their cell phones. When the prince didn’t reply, the curator again demanded, “What are you doing?! How did you even get in here?!” Snefre merely tilted his head in confusion. Then he tried to stand up again, only to lose his balance and stumble back into the sarcophagus. This time, the crowd actually laughed. Yes, the royal was still adjusting to having a normal living body again.The curator and security guards were beginning to approach the sarcophagus, when Prince Snefre sat back up again, and spoke in flawless ancient Egyptian. “What are you saying, and what are you doing? Don’t you know who I am?” The curator and guards all stopped in their tracks, stunned. The news reporters and visitors looked on with awe and amusement. Then the reporters started flashing their cameras, while more visitors also continued taking photos. Prince Snefre was rather intrigued by this. He stared in amazement at the cameras and cell phones folks were holding up and pointing at him, and at the small flashes they produced. Then he spoke up again. “Do you all realize who I am? Why aren’t any of you kneeling and bowing?” The only response was more gasps and cries of amusement. Now starting to get irritated, Prince Snefre began to stand up again, and this time he succeeded! The stares, gapes, and cries of awe only increased. This boy had a few ripped mummy bandages dangling from his body. Other than that his handsome form was bare, except for the pendant and a linen skirt, which was common for guys in ancient Egypt. The curator, guards, reporters, and all the rest merely continued gawking. “I guess he’s really into the role of an ancient Egyptian prince!”, a woman chuckled, her friends nodding in agreement and chuckling as well. Prince Snefre glanced toward her direction. “What did you say?” By now, the curator and security guards had enough. They started coming closer to the sarcophagus, when suddenly the fire alarm went off! All the others cried out in surprise, then everybody immediately started walking back toward the main entrance. Within seconds, the large room was finally clear again. Snefre frantically glanced around, wondering what this noise was and why it scared the crowd away. Just then, he felt a pair of hands spin him around. It was Pakhom. His paramour’s father then lifted the resurrected prince out of the sarcophagus. After the boy was standing on the floor, Pakhom draped his long jacket around Snefre’s shoulders. Then the scribe and everyone else quickly led him to the same back door they entered earlier. Pakhom recited the same chant as before and waved his hand, and once again the door swung open. Once they were all outside, the scribe closed the door with the same spell. Then everyone led their revived prince through an alleyway at the back of the museum. Finally, they arrived at a large red van. Needless to say, Snefre was very intrigued. As everybody got in the van, Kanefer reminded his boyfriend, “The world of the living is a lot different today in so many ways than it was 4,000 years ago. We’ll teach you all there is, such as using vehicles like this one, and speaking, reading, and writing modern languages. The most significant modern language you’ll learn is English, which is what those folks in the building were speaking, and what you briefly heard myself and Mayet speak.” By now they were all seated and buckled in. Once Pakhom turned on the engine, Prince Snefre jumped and yelped in surprise. Kanefer chuckled, then held the prince’s hand and said, “I know, it’s all very strange at first. But please try not to get scared! Like I said, we’re going to teach and show you all there is.” Then he cupped his other hand under his lover’s chin, and pulled him in for a soft kiss. Snefre responded by wrapping his arms around the other adolescent and pulling him closer! “Alright you lovebirds, try to settle down!”, Meresamun joked. The boys merely smirked and rolled their eyes. Pakhom snickered as he drove the van, while Mayet and Idu grinned and raised their eyebrows. 30 minutes later, Pakhom pulled into the driveway of a large green house. Prince Snefre was impressed by what he saw so far. “Is this where you all live now?”, he inquired. “Yes, it is,” Meresamun replied. “This will also be your residence from now on.” She gave her son’s beloved a warm smile. The prince blushed in return. When the group went inside the house, Snefre was awestruck by everything he saw! Everyone showed him the kitchen, dining room, living room, basement, and the upstairs, which had four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. There was beige carpet throughout the home, and the walls were painted tan. Prince Snefre then noticed, that there were four bedrooms, even though there would now be six residents. He glanced at Pakhom and inquired, “If I may ask, who does each bedroom belong to?” Nobody minded the inquiry though, and Pakhom and Meresamun showed the prince their bedroom, then he saw Mayet’s, followed by Idu’s, and then Kanefer’s. Snefre then commented, “They all look wonderful and cozy indeed. But where will I sleep?” The others gave each other sly looks, then Kanefer took his paramour’s hand and announced, “You’ll be sharing the same room…and bed, with me!” Prince Snefre’s heart fluttered and he turned bright red. Everyone couldn’t help but giggle at the sight. Within minutes, Meresamun and Mayet went to prepare breakfast, while Kanefer, Pakhom, and Idu led Snefre into the bathroom of his and Kanefer’s bedroom, and got their prince cleaned up. After getting the royal teen cleaned and dried off, Idu loaned him one of his bathrobes, made of navy-blue silk. As Idu dressed the prince with his robe, Snefre glanced around to get a better look at the bedroom he’d be sharing with his beloved. The bed was spacious, with burgundy pillows and sheets. There was a large brown dresser, and a table beside the head of the bed. Meresamun and Mayet had prepared pancakes for breakfast. Prince Snefre was anxious to try this new food, which was also covered with butter and syrup. It proved to be very tasty! The prince began snarfing his pancakes down. “Easy there, don’t choke!”, Meresamun laughed as she patted his back. After the satisfying breakfast of butter and syrup-covered pancakes, Kanefer and the servants showed Snefre the television, radio, and computer. They did a wonderful job of explaining this new technology. After they settled and sat down on the couch, Mayet and Idu decided to watch the news on TV. After switching to a local news channel, they saw that the earlier incident at the museum was the number one story! “Mom, dad, come here now!”, Kanefer called. His parents rushed into the living room, and they saw their story on the news too. Footage was shown outside of the museum, then inside what used to be Prince Snefre’s exhibit. Pictures were shown as well, including the sarcophagus which was now empty, except for all the ripped wrappings. Thanks to Pakhom’s abilities he gained from studying magic and mysticism, there was no evidence found of any break-in or intruder. It was also discovered that all of the security cameras mysteriously stopped working during the night. They also mentioned the strange boy who was seen sitting inside the golden sarcophagus. It was also revealed that all the pictures taken by visitors and news reporters, turned out blurry or blank! The group let out long sighs of relief. “Thank you, Amun-Ra!”, Pakhom exclaimed in gratitude. The news team then discussed the fire alarm going off inside the museum, for no apparent reason. The scribe chuckled and said, “That was my doing too.” Later that day, Prince Snefre also learned that the last day of school for the year was merely a few days before the anticipated exhibit arrived. Therefore, he had all summer to learn even more about the modern world. Later that night after everyone in the household went to bed, Amun-Ra appeared in another shared dream. “A job very well done, I congratulate all of you! It was definitely worth it. You’re all mortal again now, and normal human beings again. You’ll all live long, healthy and fulfilling lives. You, Prince Snefre, will share all the rest of your long and fulfilling life with Kanefer, and nothing and nobody will ever come between you two ever again!” The god then glanced to his side and motioned with his hand for someone to step forward. To everyone’s surprise, Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy appeared at his side! The pharaoh spoke up. “My dear son, I’m so sorry for accusing you of bringing us shame! Kanefer has proven to be most loyal and dedicated to you. That’s all we could ever want for whoever captured your heart.” Next, the queen spoke. “Kanefer has also proven to bring your heart pure joy, just like you bring his heart pure joy. Such love and devotion are truly very rare. We are so happy for you to start anew!” Irihar and Nebettawy then thanked all the others for their support and devotion to their resurrected son, and congratulated Pakhom and Meresamun for raising such a pure boy. When the shared dream ended, all the household’s residents were shedding tears under their closed eyes! From then on, Snefre and Kanefer’s affection and devotion remained as strong as ever, as did the support of Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet, and Idu. Snefre spent the rest of the summer learning about the modern world, including the English language. He was an eager and fast learner, just like the others. Of course everyone also made sure Snefre had free time this summer, so he could have fun and create good memories like others his age when school is out for the summer. That fall when school started again, Snefre got enrolled along with Kanefer. The prince was introduced to students, teachers, and school administrators as Pakhom and Meresamun’s new foster child. Kanefer was quite well-liked among his peers and teachers, so naturally everyone was eager to get to know his new “brother.” Countless folks gazed at the prince in admiration, his masculine beauty seemed almost otherworldly. Snefre performed extremely well academically, just like Kanefer. Both guys were also athletic and played on their high school’s sports teams. After long days of studying, homework, sports games, and other things that come with being in high school, Snefre and Kanefer relaxed in the comfort of their modern home, completed by the lovers snuggling in bed during the evening before dozing off. After graduating from high school with honors, the guys both went to the same elite college together. Just like Amun-Ra promised, Snefre and Kanefer lived long, healthy, and fulfilling lives (along with Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet, and Idu), and nobody and nothing ever came between them....
Prince of Egypt Crossover Ch 9 and EpilogueI do not own Inuyasha, One piece, Bleach, Naruto, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, One punch man, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Mortal KombatAs all the people began putting their stuff down, their toddlers down on the ground, taking off their shoes and drinking water with their Pokemon.Suddenly a horn blows out loud which Itachi blew the horn which all people turned around behind them which they see an army of Egyptians riding on their phantom steed chariots and Naraku was leading them. Inuyasha was horrified that Naraku is going kill him and his people for all the pain he suffered and Hakudoshi killed. Naraku screamed in anger that all the Egyptians soldiers ran down the hill.All the people got scared, they began moving the Pokémon, grabbing their kids and ran away but they saw grey clouds on sky heading towards Inuyasha and others.Thunderstorms began booming, waves in the ocean moving out of control. Fire shoots up from the water and crashes toward Naraku and his army. The phantom steeds neighed frightening so Naraku and the Egyptians tried to move to the other side but the fire was blocking them.All the people looked at Inuyasha which is now their time to escape so he turns around, looks at his wooden staff and approaches to the ocean. The Dog Youki hybrid held his wooden staff up and closes his eyes."With this staff, you shall do my wonders!" God shouted as Inuyasha puts his wooden staff on the ocean which the water flows ups by rocks and wind. All the people were amazed that Inuyasha is able to do this. He turns to his people and looks at them. Sesshomaru approaches to his younger brother, looks at him and smiles which Inuyasha smiles back at him.Sesshomaru enters the path which Kagome and Rukia smiles, following him and others.Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kagome, Rukia and others walking towards the other side of Egypt. Sheeva, Erron, Reptile, Kars and others are helping the Pokémon go with Inuyasha's people. Sasuke and Itachi were moving the cart until it got stuck which the Uchiha brothers were trying to pull the cart out."Leave it!" Inuyasha shouted as Itachi and Sasuke left the cart and continued walking.Kagome began lighting up the torches for the people to see. They began walking, a legendary whale Pokémon Kyogre appears and swimming into the ocean. Rin got scared of the legendary Pokémon but Kaede confronts her, that she is going to be okay.Inuyasha and others still walking which a Numel got scared and lay its head on Sesshomaru."Yeah, me too." Sesshomaru replied as he began petting Numel. Inuyasha puts Tsuru down and sees the fire tornado disappearing. Naraku sees a pathway that Inuyasha and others went to. He took his sword and screamed."CHARGE!!" Naraku screamed as he and his army charges into the pathway. The phantom steeds jumped down on the ground causing Naraku's chariot to broke, and Naraku fell on he ground. Naraku gets up now his long hair out and sees all the phantom steeds running out of control and looks at his army."Don't just stand there! Kill them!" Naraku shouted as all the Egyptian army ran towards Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kagome, Rukia and others."Kill them all!" Naraku shouted as Inuyasha ran back towards his people."The soldiers! They're coming!" Hiashi shouted as all the people ran fast as they can. The Egyptians soldiers continues running Inuyasha tries to catch up the others."Inuyasha Hurry!" Sesshomaru shouted as Rukia was helping ."Look! The shore!" Kenpachi shouted as Sesshomaru and Rukia turns and sees the other side of the ocean opening an exit to Egypt. Inuyasha turns and sees the Egyptian soldiers now approaching to him. All the people ran out towards the exit while the Egyptians soldiers to almost near the Dog Youki hybrid. Suddenly thunderstorm boomed Inuyasha sees the water began flowing down which Aizen, Hidan, Dosu, Deidara, Kano and the other villains were washed away by the waves. Naraku sees the waves now coming towards him."Nooooooo!" Naraku shouted as the tide pushes him onto a large rock while Inuyasha, Rukia, Sesshomaru Kagome and others ran towards the exit which the water transform back into an ocean. Aizen, Dosu, Zaku, Deidara, Kano and the others Egyptian army drowned. Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, Rukia and the others sees the pathway turned back into an ocean. Hanabi, Hinata Neji were hugging Hiashi. Rukia smiled and hugs Sesshomaru now that they are finally free.All the people chattered and cheered in happiness that they are no longer in Egypt anymore. Yukina hugs her brother Hiei, Izuku hugging his mother, Gaara picks up the sand and Run hugging Kaede.Inuyasha hugs Kagome while Sesshomaru hugs him in the back. Rukia hugs Kagome as Inuyasha approaches to Rukia, smiling at his sister, which Rukia smiles and hugs him."Thank you." Inuyasha replied as Rukia approaches to Sesshomaru and Kagome. Inuyasha walks towards the ocean which Rukia sees him and looking at the clouds and the other side of Egypt where Naraku is at.Meanwhile Naraku was standing on a rock and was in complete anger."INUYASHA!" Naraku shouted as he cried in defeat."INUYASHA!!" Naraku screamed as Inuyasha heard him."Good-bye, brother." Inuyasha replied as he walks away never to see Naraku ever again. He approaches his family and his people. The chorus began to sing.A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah! A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah.Inuyasha, Kagome, Rukia and Sesshomaru were cheering, Kagome hugs Inuyasha which he hugs her back."Look. Look at your people, Inuyasha." Kagome replied as she and Inuyasha looked at all the people including those who used to be slaves and pawns of Naraku such as Kotal Kahn, Erron Black, Baraka, Sheeva, Kars, Reptile, Ermac and others."They are finally free." Kagome replied as Inuyasha smiled and now happy that his people is finally free.Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha. Am zu ga-al-ta. A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra! A-shi-ra!Inuyasha, Kagome, Rukia, Sesshomaru and all the others began to travel to Mount Sinai.In the sunlight Inuyasha was walking down with the ten commandments in his arm and looking down at his people.Deliever us!Owari
Prince of Egypt Crossover Ch 8I do not own Inuyasha, One piece, Bleach, Naruto, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, One punch man, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fairy Tail, Pokemon and Mortal Kombat.Inuyasha enters a palace that is destroyed and each room that is completely dark."Naraku? Naraku?" Inuyasha replied as he sees his adoptive brother sitting on a statue and drinking wine."Oh. Let me guess. You want me to let your people go." Naraku replied"I hoped I would find you here." Inuyasha replied."Get out!" Naraku shouted as he threw his glass filled with wine somewhere in the room."Naraku, we must bring this to an end." Inuyasha replied as Naraku didn't listen to him."Naraku, please, talk to me. We could always talk here." Inuyasha replied as Naraku stills ignores him which he sighs."This place. So many memories. I remember the time you switched the heads of the gods of the Temple of Ra." Inuyasha replied."If I recall correctly, you were there switching heads right along with me." Naraku replied."No, it was you. I didn't do that." Inuyasha replied."Oh, yes, you did. You put the Hippowdon on the Feraligatr, and the Feraligatr..." Naraku replied as he jumps off the statue."On the Talonflame." Inuyasha replied"Yes! Shang Tsung thought it was a horrible omen and fasted for two months. Shao Kahn was furious. You were getting me into trouble." Naraku replied as he walks away from Inuyasha."But then... Naraku chuckles and looks at Inuyasha. "You were always there to get me out of trouble again. Hmmph. Why can't things be the way they were before?" Naraku asked as Hakudoshi enters in the room, holding a torch and sees the two."Father. It's so dark. I'm frightened. Why is he here? Isn't that the man who did all this?" Hakudoshi asked as Naraku approaches to him."Yes. But one must wonder why." Naraku answered."Because no kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves. Naraku, your stubbornness is bringing this misery upon Egypt. It would cease if only you would let the Hebrews go." Inuyasha replied."I will not be dictated to. I will not be threatened. I am The Morning and The Evening star. I am Pharaoh." Naraku replied."Something else is coming. Something much worse than anything before. Please, let go of your contempt for life before it destroys everything you hold dear. Think of your son!" Inuyasha argued."I do. You Hebrews have been nothing but trouble. My Father had the right idea about how to deal with your people." Naraku replied."Naraku." Inuyasha replied."And I think it's time I finished the job." Naraku replied."Naraku!" Inuyasha shouted."And there shall be a great cry in all of Egypt, such as never has been or ever will be again!" Naraku shouted as the story zooms at thr drawing of Shao Kahn pointing at a baby, babies in the water, and now at Hakudoshi."Naraku, you bring this upon yourself." Inuyasha replied as Inuyasha left the palace.Outside of the village at night of Egypt which Inuyasha narrates."God has come to me again, saying, Take a lamb, and with its blood, mark the lintel and posts of every door.All people who are slaves to Egypt painted the lamb's blood of each house where they stay in.For tonight I shall pass through the land of Egypt, and smite all the firstborn. Inuyasha, Kagome, Rukia, Sesshomaru and all others stayed in their homes.But when I see the blood upon your door, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not enter." Inuyasha narrates.Around midnight when everyone is inside and fell asleep. A ray of light appears on the sky which a guard and a child sees it. It flew upon on the village of Egypt. The wind blew on the trees and the ray of light came down in the village.First it approaches to a house where Hiashi, Hinata and Hanabi were lived in which the three got scared but it left due to the blood on the door which the three were finally safe.The ray of light continues being in the village. It stops by a house which doesn't have blood on the door so it enters in the house where Kagura, Muso and Kanna is sleeping on the bed. The ray of light took Kanna's soul away and quickly heads to another house but has blood on the door.So it went to another house where the Charlotte family is at and took the souls of Perospero, Flampe, and others which they ended up too as well. The ray of light flew out of the house and the candle blown out.Inside the house Izuku opens the curtains to see what it outside but his mother shuts the curtains. As Lilynette heads to her home but the it got her causing her to fell on the ground lifeless which the jug broke and her arm out of the door.The ray of light heads to the palace which Kano and Noob Saibot sees it so the two ran but it got Noob Saibot and Hakudoshi. As it exits the palace, heading up to the sky and then disappears.Suddenly the people of Egypt began to cry in sorrow and despair that their firstborn children is now dead.Inside the palace Naraku was carrying Hakudoshi's lifeless body in his arms and laying him on the bed. Inuyasha enters sees Naraku laying his son down and puts a sheet on him. Naraku now in complete sadness which his son is now gone. He had no choice to do this."You and your people, have my permission to go." Naraku replied as he began crying but Inuyasha was about confront him which the Spider Youkai pushes himself away from Inuyasha."Leave me! Naraku shouted as Inuyasha now realized that his adoptive brother had finally gave up. So he walks away and exits the room.Naraku hugs Hakudoshi and was completely pissed that he lost something so he decided to get revenge on Inuyasha and his people for this.Inuyasha exits the palace which he lays on the wall, dropping his wooden staff, and began crying that Naraku now complete hate him now.He heads to the village where Kagome sees her husband, she approaches to Inuyasha and hugs him. Rukia exits out of the house too as well which she smiles but Inuyasha frowned. Rukia began to sing her song that the day of freedom has finally come.Many nights we've prayed with no proof anyone could hear. In our hearts a hopeful song, we barely understood. Now we are not afraid. Although we know there's much to fear. All the people who are used to the slaves of Egypt have finally came out of their houses.We were moving mountains long before we knew we could. There can be miracles when you believe. Though hope is frail. It's hard to kill. Sesshomaru had exits of the house along with the others. Which Rukia pets the Growlithe which Nel and Yachiru were holding.Who knows what miracles you can achieve. When you believe somehow you will. You will when you believe.Kagome began singing her part. In this time of fear, when prayers so often proved in vain. Hope seemed like the summer birds too swiftly flown away. Yet now I'm standing here.The Pidgeys flew away to the sky where the Anubis statue is at. Which both Rukia and Kagome began singing together.Now I'm standing here.With so heart so full I can't explain.Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say. There can be miracles when you believe.Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, Rukia and all the people began leaving Egypt.Though hope is frail. It's hard to kill.It's hard to kill.As Kars, Sheeva, Kotal Kahn, Baraka, Reptile, Erron Black, Ermac and others who used to be pawns of Naraku began following Inuyasha and others as well.Who knows what miracles you can achieve. When you believe somehow you will. You will when you believe.Nel began singing her part as well with the other children. A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah. A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah. Mi-cha-mo-cha ba-elim adonai. Mi-ka-mo-cha. Ne-dar ba-ko-desh.Kaede began to get tired which she took a break but Rin grabs her hand and helps her.Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha. Am zu ga-al-ta. Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha. Am zu ga-al-ta. A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra a-shi-ra. A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai ki ga-oh ga-ah. A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai ki ga-oh ga-ah. All the kids such as Izuku, Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke, Neji, Toshiro, Momo, Gaara, and all the children began running around freely and playing with Inuyasha. A Numel snouts on Sesshomaru which he was disgusted.Mi-cha-mo-cha ba-elim adonai. Mi-ka-mo-cha ne-dar ba-ko-desh. Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta. Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta! A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra! A-shi-ra! All the people began dancing, playing their instruments while traveling with Inuyasha. The dog Youkai hybrid smiles and held his wooden staff up.Inuyasha, and all the others were traveling from Egypt. Which all the people sang with Rukia.There can be miracles when you believe! Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill!It's hard to kill.Who knows what miracles you can achieve.You can achieve.When you believe, somehow you will. Sesshomaru smiles at Inuyasha which he smiles back to his brother.Now you will. You will when you believe. When you believe.You will when you.You will.Believe.The song ended when Inuyasha, Kagome, Rukia, Sesshomaru and all the people sees the ocean which they are smiled.
Prince of Egypt Crossover Ch 6I do not own Inuyasha, One piece, Bleach, Naruto and Mortal KombatInuyasha now that he has long long now, he enters in his tent to see Kagome sleeping on the blanket, touches and kisses her in the cheek."I love you." Inuyasha replied as he walks away, and viewing outside.He heads over to a flock of Mareeps. One baby Mareep bleh and ran somewhere so Inuyasha decides to follow it.The baby Mareep leads him to a cave as Inuyasha finally catches up to it."It's too early to do this." Inuyasha replied as he enters in the cave and sees something. The Dog Youkai hybrid climbs down the cave, sees a burning bush and touches it."Inuyasha." The voice replied."Here I am." Inuyasha answered."Take the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground." The voice replied."Who are you?" Inuyasha asked."I am that I am." The voice answered."I don't understand." Inuyasha replied."I am the God of your ancestors." God answered as Inuyasha drops his wooden staff and began remembering his past."You were born of my mother, Izayoi. You are our brother." Rukia replied as Inuyasha took off his sandels."What do you want with me?" Inuyasha asked."I have seen the oppression of my people in Egypt, and have heard their cry" God answered."Stop it! Leave that man alone!" Inuyasha shouted."So I have come down to deliver them out of slavery, and bring them to a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey. And so, unto Pharaoh, I shall send you." God answered."Me? Wh-who am I to lead these people? They'll never believe me. They won't even listen." Inuyasha replied."I shall teach you what to say." God answered."Let my people go!" Inuyasha shouted."But I was their enemy. I was the prince of Egypt, the son of a man who slaughtered their children. You've... You've chosen the wrong messenger. H-how can I even speak to these people?" Inuyasha asked as the light brighter at him."Who made man's mouth? Who made the deaf, the mute, the seeing or the blind? Did not I? Now go!" God shouted as he comforted the dog Youkai hybrid."Oh, Inuyasha, I shall be with you when you go to the king of Egypt. But Pharaoh will not listen. So I will stretch out my hand, and smite Egypt with all my wonders. Take the staff in your hand, Inuyasha. With it, you shall do my wonders. I shall be with you, Inuyasha." God replied as the light disappears leaving Inuyasha alone, he sees his wooden staff and grabs it. The burning bush was no longer there it appears as a bush.Inuyasha and the baby Mareep exits out of the cave, heading towards the village and into Kagome's home.Inside the tent Kagome was finishing puting the bed, she turns and sees her husband entering in her home. Inuyasha hugs her and told her what happened."But, Inuyasha, you are just one man." Kagome replied."Kagome, please. Look at your family." Inuyasha replied as he and Kagome looks at her father Raiden and her younger brother Shippo."They are free. They have a future. They have hopes and dreams, and the promise of a life with dignity. That is what I want for my people. And that is why I must do the task that God has given me." Inuyasha replied as Kagome looks at him and hugs him."I'm coming with you." Kagome replied.Outside of the village Kagome and Inuyasha on the Numel, they departed from their home which all the people waved goodbye and headed to Egypt.As they enters Egypt, seeing all the slaves, being worn-out and tortured. They're all feeling in agonizing pain and despair.Inuyasha and Kagome enters in the palace where the dancers are entertaining the guests. They continue walking towards the Pharaoh all the people began looking at them. The dancers keeps dancing revealing to be Naraku who is now Pharaoh. He sees him so he stop them and recognized Inuyasha."Naraku." Inuyasha replied as Naraku got off of his throne"Inuyasha? Is it really you?" Naraku asked as Shang Tsung and Quan Chi looked at each other in complete shock that Inuyasha is here so they quickly headed to the Spider Youkai Pharaoh.Naraku walks down the stairs and hugs Inuyasha."Inuyasha!" Naraku shouted as Inuyasha was being squeezed by Naraku's arms."Naraku!" Inuyasha replied as as Kagome and all the people looked at the two."Where have you been? I took you for dead." Naraku replied as he and Inuyasha laughed and Naraku let's go of his adopted brother."Look at you. Pharaoh." Inuyasha replied."Well, look at you. What on earth are you dressed as?" Naraku asked as Inuyasha laughed and hugs him."Oh, Naraku, it's so good to see you." Inuyasha replied as he stops hugging Naraku."Excuse me, Your Majesty. We are compelled to remind you this man committed a serious crime against the gods." Shang Tsung replied."We are loathe to bring it up, mind you." Quan Chi added."The law clearly states the punishment for such a crime." Shang Tsung replied."Death!" Quan Chi answered."We hesitate to say it." Shang Tsung replied."Be still. Pharaoh speaks. I am the Morning and the Evening Star." Naraku replied."Naraku." Inuyasha replied."It shall be as I say. I pardon forever all crimes of which he stands accused, and will have it known that he is our brother Inuyasha, the prince of Egypt." Naraku replied."Naraku, in my heart, you are my brother, but things cannot be as they were." Inuyasha replied"I see no reason why not." Naraku replied"You know I am a Hebrew, and the God and the Hebrews came to me." Inuyasha replied."What?" Naraku asked."He commands that you let his people go." Inuyasha answered."Commands?" Naraku replied as Inuyasha lifts his wooden staff up."Behold, the power of God." Inuyasha replied as he lets his staff go and stood. The staff was turned into a Arbok which Kagome, and the people of Egypt were surprised to see this. The Arbok hisses at the Spider Youkai Pharaoh which Naraku was amazed."Well, uh, impressive. Hmm. Very well, Inuyasha. I'll play along." Naraku replied as he walks back to his throne."Shang Tsung. Quan Chi. Give this snake charmer our answer." Naraku replied as the two approaches to Inuyasha as some of the servants closes the window, the sunlight beamed at a large mirror which reflects onto another mirror. The light beamed at both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi which they began to sing their song and using their magic.By the power of Ra.Mut.Nut.The two began saying all the Egyptian gods and myths.Khnum.Ptah.Nephthys.Nekhbet.Sobek.Sekhmet. Sokar. Selket. Reshpu. Wadjet. Anubis. Anukis. Seshmu. Meshkent.Shang Tsung and Quan Chi made a shadow puppets with their hands and use fire.Hemsut.Tefnut.Heket.Mafdet.Ra, Mut, Nut, Ptah. Hemsut, Tefnut, Sokar, Selket. Seshmu, Reshpu, Sobek, Wadjet. Heket, Mafdet, Nephthys, Nekhbet, Ra! Naraku smiled evilly as he sat on his throne which Inuyasha turns his back and sees statues of Egyptian gods. He turns and sees Shang Tsung standing on a statue.So you think you've got friends in high places with the power to put us on the run.Shang Tsung made a magic spell which he disappears. Quan Chi appears on the top floor which Inuyasha sees him.Well, forgive us these smiles on our faces. You'll know what power is when we are done.Both sorcerer and necromancer appears behind Inuyasha and Arbok.Son.You're playing with the big boys now.Playing with the big boys now.Oh, that's pretty. Every spell and gesture.Tells you who's the best.You're playing with the big boys now. You're playing with the big boys now. You're playing with the big boys now.All the priests appears on each floor. Shang Tsung summons a scroll.Stop this foolish mission!Watch a true magician!Give an exhibition how!Both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi points at the Arbok.Pick up your silly twig, boy!You're playing with the big boys now!Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!As the two priests handed the two sticks which both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi grabs it and starts dancing with it.By the power of Ra, Mut, Nut, Khnum, Ptah, Sobek, Sekhmet, Sokar, Selket, Anubis, Anukis, Hemsut, Tefnut, Meshkent, Mafdet!Both the sorcerer and necromancer both clashed their sticks together which Inuyasha turns away, while Kagome and all the people sees that too. You're playing with the big boys now! You're playing with the big boys now! Shang Tsung and Quan Chi turns the sticks into cobras approaching to Inuyasha and the two snakes wraps around him. The snakes saw Arbok and slithers to it.By the might of Horus, you will kneel before us! Kneel to our splendorous power!You put up a front!You put up a fight!And just to show we feel no spite.You can be our acolyte.But first, boy. It's time to bow.Kowtow! Or is's your own grave you'll dig, boy. You're playing with the big boys. All the priests bowed at the Sorcerer and necromancer. Naraku hugs his son Hakudoshi in his arm. The two cobras began fighting with Arbok.Playing with the big boys. Playing with the big boys. Playing with the big boys! The Arbok devoured the two cobras by eating it.Playing with the big boys! Playing with the big boys! Playing with the big boys now!The crowd cheered for both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi."They love it." Quan Chi replied as the Arbok approaches to Inuyasha and turn itself back into a wooden staff. Naraku approaches to Inuyasha and nods his head to see him in person.The doors opens as Naraku and Inuyasha enters in the throne room."All right, Inuyasha. I know you." Naraku replied as he took off his crown."What's this really about?" Naraku asked as Inuyasha sees all the slaves working."Naraku, look. What do you see?" Inuyasha asked as Naraku sees them."A greater Egypt than that of my father." Naraku answered."That is not what I see." Inuyasha replied as Naraku puts his crown on the throne and sat down"Inuyasha, I cannot change what you see. I have to maintain the ancient traditions. I bear the weight of my father's crown." Naraku replied"Do you still not understand what Shao Kahn was?" Inuyasha asked. "He was a great leader." Naraku answered."His hands bore the blood of thousands of children." Inuyasha replied."Slaves." Naraku replied."My people. And I can no longer hide in the desert while they suffer at your hands." Inuyasha replied."So, you have returned, only to free them." Naraku replied as Inuyashatook off the ring and hands it to Naraku."I'm sorry." Inuyasha apologized as Naraku grabs the ring."Yes. I had hoped that." Naraku replied as he puts the ring near him, gets up and puts his crown on.'I do not know this God. Neither will I let your people go." Naraku replied as he stood up and pushes Inuyasha out of his way."Naraku, please, you must listen." Inuyasha replied as Naraku turns back at him."I will not be the weak link!" Naraku shouted as he walks away and the doors began to open."Tell your people as of today, their workload has been doubled, thanks to your God. Or is it thanks to you?" Naraku replied as he exits out of the throne room and the doors closed behind him leaving Inuyasha alone.
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Stargate - Supreme System Lord RA by Akitozz6
Prince of Egypt Crossover Ch 7I do not own Inuyasha, One piece, Bleach, Naruto, Final Fantasy, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Mortal KombatOutside Sasuke grabs mud in his hand and sees Inuyasha."It's Inuyasha." Sasuke replied as he threw the mud at Inuyasha causing him to slide down on the ground."Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted as she jumps down on the ground and approaches to him. While Sesshomaru sees the two."So, Inuyasha, how does it feel when you get struck to the ground?" Sesshomaru asked."I didn't mean to cause you more pain. I'm just trying to do as God told me." Inuyasha replied."God? When did you start caring about any of us? In fact, Inuyasha, when did you start caring about slaves? Was it when you found out that you were one of us?" Sesshomaru asked."Don't listen to him." Kagome replied."No, he's... he's right. I did not see because I did not wish to see." Inuyasha replied"Oh, you didn't see because you didn't wish to see. Ah! Well, that makes everything fine then, doesn't it?" Sesshomaru asked."Sesshomaru!" Rukia shouted as she approaches to him."You should be shame yourself!" Rukia shouted as she approaches to both Inuyasha and Kagome."Rukia. I'm so sorry." Inuyasha apologized as he puts his hand on his face."Inuyasha, hear what I say. I have been a slave all my life, and God has never answered my prayers until now. God saved you from the river, he saved you in all your wanderings, and even now he saves you from the wrath of Pharaoh. God will not abandon you, so don't you abandon us." Rukia replied as she and Inuyasha looked at Sesshomaru and others.Inuyasha gets up, picking up his wooden staff and sees a boat on a river. He walks towards the river while Rukia, Kagome and the slaves follows him."Rukia. Where are you going? Rukia!" Sesshomaru shouted as he ran to catch up with the others.Inuyasha heads to the river and sees a boat with Naraku, Hakudoshi, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and the guards."The ball disappears. Where is it? In his hand." Shang Tsung replied as they're all laugh, Inuyasha ran down at the creek of the river."Naraku! Let my people go!" Inuyasha shouted as Naraku laughs at him."Still gnawing away at that bone, are we? Carry on." Naraku replied."You cannot keep ignoring us." Inuyasha replied as he keeps following Naraku."Enough! I will hear no more of this nonsense. Bring him to me." Naraku replied as Mavado, Hsu Hao and Daegon took their swords out and went in the river."Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted as she ran towards her husband but Rukia and Sesshomaru stops her."No!" Sesshomaru shouted as the guards is about to approach to Inuyasha. The dog Youkai hybrid feels the wind blew, knowing the God is here so he looked up in the sky."Take the staff in your hand, Inuyasha." God replied as Inuyasha holds the staff in his hands, stepping into the river and putting it into the water. Blood appears in the water which it is completely tainted the river. Which Kagome, Rukia, Sesshomaru and guards sees the blood. Mavado puts his hand the river while Hakudoshi touches the river which the blood stains his hand."Father." Hakudoshi replied."It's." Kagome replied."Blood!" Mavado shouted as he, Hsu Hao and Daegon were trying get out of river but Hsu Hao was stained in blood."Blood! Oh, blood!" They shouted as they ran back to the boat, trying to get onto the boat but failed which blood splashed onto Naraku. He looks at the sorcerer and necromancer."Shang Tsung! Quan Chi! Explain this to me!" Naraku replied."Ah!" Shang Tsung replied."Rest assured, Your Majesty." Quan Chi replied as Shang Tsung hands a bowl to him and pours water into it."Uh, yes, we were going to demonstrate the superior might of our gods. Uh..." Shang Tsung replied as he turns back, grabbing red powder and approaches to the bowl which Quan Chi was holding."By the power of Ra!" Shang Tsung shouted as he turns the water into red blood which is fake. Naraku drips his hand in blood and chuckles."Abandon this futile mission, Inuyasha. I've indulged you long enough. This must now be finished." Naraku replied."No, Naraku. It is only beginning." Inuyasha replied as Sesshomaru approaches to his younger brother."But, Inuyasha, d-didn't you see what happened? Both sorcerer and necromancer did the same thing. Pharaoh still has the power over our lives." Sesshomaru replied as Inuyasha puts his hand on his older brother."Yes, Sesshomaru, it's true. Pharaoh has the power. He can take away your food, your home, your freedom. He can take away your sons and daughters. With one word, Pharaoh can take away your very lives. But there is one thing he cannot take away from you: your faith. Believe, for we will see God's wonders." Inuyasha explained as Inuyasha, Rukia, Sesshomaru and others sees a dark cloud approaching to the Egyptian palace and village.At the palace all the Swannas flew away while Yunalesca was in the river holding a jug in her hands to get water. Suddenly something began to bubble, which made her drop the jug, and Yunalesca ran out of the river when frogs began to appear out of the river. The chorus began to singThus saith the Lord:Since you refuse to free my peopleAll through the land of Egypt...Shang Tsung and Quan Chi sees Yunalesca running away from the river which the two shrugged. Shang Tsung drank his wine but he spat it out when ants came out of the cup and bread. I send a pestilence and plagueInto your house, into your bedInto your streams, into your streetsInto your drink, into your breadAll the cattle, oxes and all the farm animals began to died off randomly. Buggy woke up when all the lice began to crawl on him.Upon your cattle, on your sheepUpon your oxen in your fieldInto your dreams, into your sleepUntil you break, until you yieldIn the throne room a swarm of flies began to attack Dosu, Hidan, and others which they screamed while Naraku and Hakudoshi were sitting on the throne and frightened.I send the swarm, I send the hordeThus saith the LordAll the villagers of Egypt were frightened which they ended up suffering as well while Inuyasha stood above the village and he began to sing.Once I called you brotherOnce I thought the chanceTo make you laughWas all I ever wanted...Naraku looks at Inuyasha and heard thunder. Thunderstorm began to boom loudly, dark clouds swooned over them and all the meteors began to fall in Egypt.I send the thunder from the skyI send the fire raining downInuyasha turns and sees the village getting destroyed.And even now I wish that GodHad chose anotherServing as your foe on his behalfIs the last thing that I wanted...I send a hail of burning iceOn ev'ry field, on ev'ry townStorm of hail keeps summoning more meteors, destroying the village and all the people running and screaming.This was my homeAll this pain and devastationHow it tortures me insideInuyasha sees all the villagers running and screaming even a mother holding her son which he is scared.All the innocent who sufferFrom your stubbornness and pride...Naraku sat on his throne. Outside of Egypt all the locusts swarm into the fields and began destroying the crops which Kakuzu and Zaku are trying to shoo the locusts away.I send the locusts on a windSuch as the world has never seenOn ev'ry leaf, on ev'ry stalkUntil there's nothing left of greenNaraku got more angry that his people began to suffer. I send my scourge, I send my swordThus saith the Lord!Naraku approaches to Kars and Kisame which he picks up Kars and his spear. They're covered in broils.You who I called brotherWhy must you call down another blow?I send my scourge, I send my swordNaraku sees Inuyasha, glaring at him and walks away. Which Inuyasha sighs and nods his head that Naraku is refusing to let his people go.Let my people goThus saith the LordThus saith the LordNaraku sees Shang Tsung and Quan Chi were trying to use lotions to get rid of the boils but he throws the table in complete rage."Get out!" Naraku shouted as Shang Tsung and Quan Chi leaves immediately. He began to sing his part.You who I called brotherHow could you have come to hate me so? Is this what you wanted?Naraku sees his home getting destroyed by hail and his people suffering.I send the swarm, I send the horde...Loly, Smoothie, Flambe, Mileena and the other Charlotte Daughters were covered in boils.Then let my heart be hardenedAnd never mind how high the cost may growThey screamed and ran off while Katakuri, Brulee, Praline and Pudding who are not covered in boils sitting at a wall and frightened.This will still be so: I will never let your people go...Which two began to face off each other.Thus saith the Lord:Thus saith the Lord:I will not...Let your (my) people goThe song ended as Naraku walks away, and Inuyasha was still standing on a building. The statue of Ra broke down and the village of Egypt was faded into darkness. Inuyasha heads to palace to see Naraku.
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