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aikido seminary1

it's the foto from aikido seminary
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i love that technique...its my favorite next to ekyo (dunno if i pelt that right japanese words suck XD)
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its cote gaeshi by girl. do You study aikido?
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yes lol for like 6 months or more. i suppose thats not a long time. i know the name of that one i just can't type it and it seemed to slip my mind haha
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it's cote gaeshi. I practis 18 years and I have got aikido club in my city. If You are near to my city, drop by.
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lol actually i live in canada...not poland. 18 years!? lol thats very awesome. have you achieved your black belt yet?
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yes, I'v got black belt :) but it is not importand. Importand is to find love in aikido. I discover, aikido is way to love all world. It's not only words. its truth. It's training of integrate with partner. You must to integrate your mind (inside you) with your mind outside (what you see, feel...)

I,m sorry for my english
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you should never apologize for something thats not your fault :D

and i agree with your philosophy its very wise. do you have your own dojo? are you a sensei?
First off, I like the pic. It captures the aura of practice. learning the techniques in a open and encouraging way. You learn how to throw someone, but then you learn not to throw them.

Secondly I agree whole heartedly with Iluminacja, Aikido is all about the journey. It has a philosophy and mindset far different than any other martial art. I started when I was eight, and its the best descission I've ever made (seven years later.)

And about the grammar, you English is far better than my Polish, so thank you for making the effort.
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imma to do aikido with her ...she's beautiful
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