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stale memes are fun by iLucky7 stale memes are fun by iLucky7
old daddy rodrick would never be seen in half of an evening gown. madness i say!

lol but all jokes aside, i'm like one of the .5% of people that doesn't completely hate this guy xD. i mean sure, he's no Devon (rip), but i thought he did okay considering that the script of the new movie was awful, and they picked the worst book in the series to bring to the big screen (even the book sucked). i mean the whole movie was fucking cringey, but i'm not placing the blame solely on him. hang in there bro, one day when they make a movie about leafy and his shocking success, you'll get the part and rise to the top. #notmyleafy 

also while we're on the topic of memes, now's probably a good time to mention that i got a second youtube channel. i bet no one remembers, but i few months ago i randomly posted a video called "i'm becky" or something like that, completely neglecting to mention that it came from my second channel, so i bet that looked fuckin strange with no context haha. anyway my second channel's called "just becky", and it's co-owned by my friend (but i pretty much run the show now) and it contains 100% becky content yes indeed. 10/10 would recommend checking out all the cringe that awaits you there…
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September 8, 2017
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