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Sketches by iLucky7 Sketches by iLucky7
Sooo...this is a lame villain I made. xD Her name is Black Ice, and I created her about two years ago. I actually just found some old sketches of her (top right is from November 2013), so I decided to redraw her. She's basically a mix of Elsa and Nightmare Moon. xD
A few things about her: Her horn is an icicle, because reasons. The white streak under her eye represents her frozen tears (they made her fur turn white there). When she becomes Black Ice, the center of her cutie mark turns black. Her main motive is to freeze all of Equestria.

This is just an idea for a backstory, but it's not official. It takes place around the time of the first Hearthswarming Eve.
Glacial Ice (far left) was orphaned at a young age, but was found by some scouting windigos near their territory, and they decided to take her in as their own. Being raised by them, she learned that they attacked the towns of her kind for food, and she would often accompany them on their raids. They also taught her a small amount of (dark) magic, which helped her earn her cutie mark. Even though they couldn't teach her much, she practiced and experimented with her magic on her own, eventually becoming very powerful. One night, when she and several windigos were going to a village to feed, three ponies created a powerful friendship magic that killed most of the windigos. Glacial Ice was spared, but she returned to her home and swore to herself that she would avenge her family. To do so, she cast a spell upon herself that was so powerful, it turned her into a much crueler version of herself: Black Ice. A combination of grief and the dark magic that the windigos taught her had turned her into a nightmare with many new powers, such as turning into a fast-traveling icy mist and making blizzards. She returned to the new Equestrian empire and attempted to freeze the land as an act of revenge, but was banished by the new rulers to the north beyond the Crystal Empire, where she still is now, frozen within the ground. That's why it's always winter there. And maybe, just maybe, she'll come back someday...
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November 20, 2015
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