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Ponysona: Dust Bunny by iLucky7 Ponysona: Dust Bunny by iLucky7
"Ey, what's the difference between a truck fulla sand and a truck fullla dead babies? …Really, no takers?”

Name: Dust Bunny

Nicknames: Dusty, Grossnasty, Dusty Buns

Occupation: Student, firefighting apprentice, hacker/stalker for hire, high-ranking member of the Area Special Committee on Bondage, occasional lighting designer, will pretty much do anything for money cause he's kind of a bottom feeder

Special Talent: Making messes, fucking shit up. Surprisingly enough, this skill does have it’s uses. He also specializes in dark humor and writing comedy. And he can kinda play the drums

Build: Short, compact, a tad pudgy here and there

Personality: Laid-back, funny, snarky, lazy, kinda mean, impulsive, cynical, douchey, slightly narcissistic, sketchy, easygoing, loyal when he wants to be

Likes: Coffee, hats, loud music, sleeping in, drawing, cartoons, lighting shit on fire/blowing shit up, shopping, cactus pears, characters with removable or interchangeable heads, dumpster diving, roller coasters, british slang (bugger, munted, arseclown, etc.), fart jokes, dead baby jokes, nun-in-a-bath jokes, you get the picture

Dislikes: Instagram makeup, mustaches, soda in bottles, multiple ponytails on one head, children, smarmy employees, business meetings, pugs, classical music, the smell of K-Mart


 - He secretly fangirls over a small collection of actors and thinks no one knows. Ignorance is bliss.

 - He’s a low-key eBay scammer, whenever he has no use for something he’ll just put it online and claim it’s haunted. And overprice it, of course. He once sold his uneaten pizza crusts labeling it as “useful cloning material”.  

 - He’s a weird mix of stereotypical douchebag, sick nutcase, and a little bit of hick. He’s been described by many as an “acquired taste”.

 - He has a mild Boston accent.

 - He's not very good at magic. He's alright at basic levitation and the odd spell, but he doesn't have good control over what little magic ability he's got and often ends up blowing things up or making them disappear. No one knows where the stuff actually ends up. He thinks it's cool though.

 - He’s pretty addicted to music. His music taste is an absolute disaster in a good way. He loves anything electronic, trap, lofi hip-hop, and a scattered mix of small amounts of country and current pop. And epic movie soundtracks. He’s an okay singer, but he doesn’t take into account that just because it’s sung, it doesn’t make it a song.

 - He doesn’t have a lot of close friends, but he has a lot of casual friends he interacts with every so often. He flits between a lot of groups, a bit like an infestation or a disease. 

 - His best friend Hotshot (the blue pony) is more of a best bro than any of his actual bros, and they tell each other absolutely everything ranging from graphic relationship stories to what color and consistency the stuff they puked up last night was. Hotshot’s also a firefighting apprentice and kinda similar to Dusty personality wise, but a lot more dry and serious. They may or may not casually be friends with benefits. 

 - He’s dimmer than a dead bulb and has all the razor sharp intellectual capability of a mothball. He also happens to be afraid of moths. 

 - He’s a wannabe bartender and spends a lot of time brewing up heinous drink mixes (that Hotshot has no problem Dogbert-methoding right back at his face) 

- He collects cacti and gives them names.

- Once in a while, he likes to slick his hair back into a long nasty mohawk. All who look upon him shall tremble.

full bio thing for him:…
i think i'm gonna use him as my main ponysona, i’m still keeping ol’ Lucky, but i’ll probably just use him as a secondary OC cause he’s pretty emo and doesn’t have much to his character other than being a permanent member of the sad boy club. that being said, i’ve still got a place in my heart cavity for my old bruise-colored horse, so he’s still gonna be around. i just replaced him as my main ponysona with this gross jerkass who might be even worse. something about this dude reminds me of the ending scene in the 2 and a half men finale, can't quite pinpoint what it is though. 

i ended up writing way more than i meant too, jeez

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December 22, 2017
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