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Equestrian Gothic: Snapdragon by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Snapdragon by iLucky7
"Okay, if you really want to come out on the upper hoof of an argument, you'll have to start out by making your face not look like it's apologizing for something."
Nickname(s): Snap, Snaps, Dragon, Sparks, Green Dragon
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Special Talent: Flight, Manipulation
Current Residence: Alvesta

  Competitive, confident and cunning, Snapdragon is a skilled flier and smooth talker who's not afraid to use manipulation to get her way. She loves to mess with ponies and she loves to win even more. Though she can be selfish, she is very dedicated to the things she loves, even to the point of being obsessive. She loves her friends, but secretly, she enjoys besting them, especially Neo. Her show off-y confidence actually masks many hidden insecurities. She claims to hate makeup and all of that girly self-image related stuff, but she puts so much gel in her mane that it would probably shatter if you hit it with a bat. It takes her quite a while to get it into her ultra-slicked back mohawk thing, but she claims she just does it to keep her hair out of her face. Aside from her hair modification, she also spends much of her time training and working out, as her goal is to be strong and fast. She reached her goal long ago, but still continues to train, as she never seems content with where she is. She may not be the nicest mare, but she is very loyal to her friends, and would be lost without them.

  Snapdragon gets along well with her family, but they are all very calm and quiet, so she finds it hard to connect with them. Deep down, this saddens her.
    She is very good friends with Neo. Since most of Alvesta's population is made up of hippies, she enjoys spending time with somepony who's more like herself. The two often spend time trying to beat each other in competition.
    She gets along with Tank okay, and they seem to have similar enough interests. But honestly, she finds him a little too gross for her tastes and prefers to spend time with the other half of stupidity, Bantam. They enjoy flying together and are pretty good companions for one another.
    Snap has quite the rivalry with Serenity and loves to tease the unicorn. Although she finds her kinda frou-frou sometimes, secretly, she enjoys her company. But nopony knows that and nopony ever will.
    While she likes to be around crass, competitive folks like herself, she actually really likes hanging out with gold farmer Goldley. He has a very gentle, soothing presence that calms her and makes her happy, and somehow her family (or any of Alvesta, for that matter) lack that. He's also very easy company and very laid back. Plus he gives her free food, which she loves.


- Her wings are very large and strong

 - She will never admit this, but she secretly enjoys gardening. She loves to grow all kinds of pretty flowers

 - She likes to braid manes. Once again, she is very ashamed of this fact and is reluctant to tell anypony

 - She doesn't know how to handle a crush, and is just out of tune with her emotions in general. Under that fiery exterior beats the heart of a huge idiot

StormDragon-MLP Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Student Digital Artist
She looks cool!
iLucky7 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Took a while to get her not to look like a Lightning Dust clone. xD
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