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Equestrian Gothic: Rook by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Rook by iLucky7
"You don't need to be built up like a monster to succeed out here. Really all you'll ever need is wit. A mind fueled by the past, by desire. But most importantly you need to let go of the way you understand trust. Life is unpredictable and so is everyone around you. Leaning on everyone else will never help you, not now and certainly not ever. Check...mate."
Nickname(s): N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony
Special Talent: Gambling, chess, being elusive
Current Residence: Goldwind

    Cunning, sly, elusive, and tough...this is how Rook describes himself. More commonly described as a wannabe, Rook roams the streets of Goldwind, not returning to a specific home and not answering to anyone. He hangs out in sketchy bars, trying his best to blend in with the tough guys and usually failing miserably. However, he is well known among the street dwelling folks of Goldwind for his skill in gambling. He's skilled at card games, often winning big bucks and big respect with his opponents (as well as big rivalries). Deep down, all he wants is to be intimidating, someone ponies fear. Even though he's small and not all that scary, some ponies do fear his wits. When he first took to the streets, he was a clueless mess, but over the years he's gained experience and is actually pretty smart. Most ponies choose to stay out of his way, and he's become well-known enough. He still doubts himself, but for the most part he enjoys his lifestyle and loves the thrill of crime.

He's a loner for the most part, keeping in touch with a small collection of street rivals. His lifestyle doesn't lend itself to having friends, and he doesn't have a family.
    He does have a kinda-sorta-maybe girlfriend, though. Rook and Checkmate met in a bar basement used as a gambling spot, starting off as chess rivals and slowly becoming friends. They aren't formally dating and likely never would, they're more flirty friends with benefits and keep each other company at night.
    Amity has been his sworn enemy since she pwned the bejesus out of him when he attempted to rob her house. He can't live down the fact that he was beaten up by a little pink filly, and whenever they happen to cross paths she's only too happy to remind him, having no fear of him at all. 
    He's never spoken a word to Serenity, and they only ever exchange long glares from a distance. 


 - For a while he made a short career as a dealer, dealing whatever he could get his grubby hooves on. He'd sell anything from illegal substances to stolen jewelry. He sold a wad of braided hair once, though he never figured out where it originated from or why someone actually bought it.

 - His vision isn't very good and he squints a lot.

 - He never talks very loudly, which actually does sound a little intimidating.

 - He's an okay guitarist, if he can find a guitar he'll usually take the opportunity and play. 

 - He's become a decent stalker, his coat helping camouflage him at night. He'll stalk whoever he feels like.

 - He's small and very skinny. Most of his bones are prominent.

 - His joints crack when he walks, so it's easy to tell when he's nearby. He has an unsettling habit of cracking his neck while looking others dead in the eyes.

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