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Equestrian Gothic: Kyanite by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Kyanite by iLucky7
"I just swallowed a seagull whole and that guy over there's still staring at me. Do you think he's disgusted or aroused?"
Nicknames: Ky, Dragon Breath
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon/Pony hybrid
Special Talent: Flight, fighting, music
Current Residence: Cave above Bullgrurzh

Kyanite may look unusual, but she's very confident and a pretty smooth talker. She's witty and has a very dark sense of humor, often crossing the line of common pony ethics. She's unapologetic and can be a bit of a douchebag, but her charming way of talking makes her fun to be around. She's spent a lot of time around Bullgrurzh, picking up a lot of her habits from there. She's a very skilled flier, and loves catching birds out of the air. She's a show off and is very flirty to just about everyone, including her friends. She may be cocky and kinda vain, but she's very loyal and protective of her friends, willing to do anything for them. 

    Her mother was never a part of her life. Kyanite was unplanned, and after she was born, her mother took the chance and left. She was a pony who wasn't willing to give up her past life to spend her future among dragons. She left Kyanite's father to raise her on his own. 
    Kyanite has a great relationship with her dad. He's a pretty chill, fun guy and Kyanite means the world to him after her mother left. Being raised by a dragon, she acts differently from a lot of ponies and is highly competitive.
    Tank is her best friend in world, and they've been hanging out ever since they were kids. They like to kickbox, go drinking in Bullgrurzh, help each other pick up dates, or just talk about life. She uses her fire breathing ability to help him forge weapons.
    No one really know's whether or not she's Serenity's friend. When they get together, it's always to fight, but they like to wander off and talk after. Kyanite's somewhat flirty with Serenity, but they mostly stick to trash-talking each other.
    She has one hell of a rivalry with Snapdragon and they can't stand each other. They'll even get into yo mama insult territory if they're really pissing each other off. 


 - Most ponies are at least somewhat scared of her.

 - She's a low-key alcoholic and it's not unusual to find her somewhat pickled. She burps up fireballs.

 - She's a great singer, often performing at local bars. Sometimes she duets with Tank. 

 - She'll eat just about anything she can get her claws on, including fish and bird carcasses she finds on the beach. She eats them bones and all.

 - Speaking of eating, sometimes after she finishes off a particularly large corpse, she'll cough up a pellet like an owl. Some dragons have the ability to do this, and she likely inherited it from a relative of her father.

 - Like most dragons, she has a taste for gems. She usually steals them from fellow beachgoer Chaucer. Sapphires are one of her favorites.

i'll probably do a drawn update of her at some point, i'm not that pleased with how she turned out
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