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Equestrian Gothic: Granite by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Granite by iLucky7
Granite Stone
"I never understood the purpose of silly emotional drama. Why bother to worry about trivial nonsense when you could just quietly embrace the possibility of your imminent death?"
Nickname(s): Granite, Stony
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Special Talent: Stonecutting/carving
Current Residence: Twistram

    Deadpan and seemingly devoid of any emotion, Granite is, just like her name suggests, pretty much the pony incarnation of stone. Though most ponies just write her off as boring and unsettling, she is actually incredibly smart and wise, and does possess a sense of humor. She tends to win arguments by confusing her opponent with big words and usually ends up roasting them in her dry, monotone manner, leaving them utterly baffled as to what just happened. Once ponies start paying attention and listening for them, her jokes and snarky remarks are actually very funny, made even funnier by her lack of emotion.
    Even once she gets close to other ponies, she remains entirely inexpressible. It baffles her friends, but they just kinda roll with it. The fact that she isn't a big ball of loud, crazy stupidity makes her a welcome edition to her group of companions.

She knows Neo and company because of their many roystering missions to Twistram. She does find Neo himself a little annoying and juvenile at times, but enjoys the company of him and his friends no less.
    One of her best friends out of the group is Serenity, and they have some pretty interesting discussions together. But she also likes how Serenity compliments her all the time, she's one of the only ponies who makes Granite feel special.
    Granite finds her self fascinated by Glister. How a pony can be that crazy and energetic all the time is simply baffling to her. But she does enjoy being able to have intelligent conversations with her.
    She gets along well enough with her parents, but they don't interact that much. Her quiet, deadpan nature runs in the family.


 - She is surprisingly strong and bendy. She can contort her body in some bizarre positions

 - She can go for long periods of time without blinking. This is one of her more unsettling traits

 - She has a cute little garden in her back yard where she grows what have to be the most bitter fucking strawberries in all the land. She uses them to make batches of foul jam and a number of other culinary atrocities. She's the only one who can eat them with a straight face

 - She has a very deep, monotone voice that most ponies find very off-putting

 - She has worn her hair in that style since the dawn of time. Serenity is always trying to get her to pull it back or curl it or do something with those boring bangs.

That's this set done. I can't believe I procrastinated on this for over two months and it ended up only taking me a day to finish them. Hopefully I can finish the next set sooner. xD
StormDragon-MLP Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
She looks amazing!
iLucky7 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
StormDragon-MLP Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
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