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Equestrian Gothic: Goldley by iLucky7 Equestrian Gothic: Goldley by iLucky7
"Welcome, make yourself at home! Are you comfortable? Hungry? Do you want some fresh bread? I can make some right now! I'll go pick the wheat!"
Lee, Goldbutt
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony
Special Talent: Farming, cooking/baking
Current Residence: Goldshire (on the Gold farm)

Kind, hard working, and Goldshire's resident mother hen, Goldley has lived and worked on his family's farm all his life. He is a member of Goldshire's oldest family, the Gold family, and just like his ancestors, he carries on the tradition of gold farming. He specializes in growing gold wheat and is always making new bread recipes to try with it.
    Goldley is very friendly and generally pretty chill; however, when he has guests, he tends to get a bit carried away with making sure they feel welcome. He often puts others (especially family and friends) before himself and sometimes ponies will abuse this knowledge and use him. He's pretty hard to anger, though. His mood and personality are very consistent, in that he's usually always happy and calm. This makes him very easy company. He's also an excellent listener, so his family and friends often come to him when they need to vent.
    Goldley's hobbies include wood carving, making bird houses, and eating lots of pie.

Goldley gets along very well with his family, having lived with his parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the entirety of the Gold family all his life. They are mostly farmers and bakers, hence why Goldley has such a skill for both. He and his sister get along really well, not even fighting very often, and he has a great relationship with his cousins (since they all grew up together, they're like siblings to him).
    Bantam crashes into the farm pretty often, so Goldley has known him for ages. They're pretty good friends, and Bantam chills at the farm all the time. Snapdragon spends a lot of time there too, but mostly because Goldley gives her free food. She values his company though, and he's one of few ponies that she's comfortable opening up to.
    Goldley is good friends with the rest of the gang, too. He lives pretty close to most of them, and sometimes they come to Goldshire for the evening to go to the tavern or something.

 - Goldley's build is a funny mix of muscular and chubby. If he's working and his muscles are flexed he looks kinda ripped, but otherwise he looks pretty pudgy. He gives very warm hugs

 - He is usually very friendly and calm but he will not tolerate anyone messing with his family (especially his little cousins and especially his sister)

 - Aside from baking bread, he also likes to bake elaborate, fancy desserts on special occasions. And sometimes just for fun

 - He has a strange habit of digging up tiny trees that he finds in the woods and planting them in his back yard. They are like his babies, and he takes really good care of them and reads to them every night and knits them little sweater vests

 - He is a big-time dog lover. He would gladly adopt a whole pack of stray dogs if his family would let him

 - He is very good with kids

 - Some ponies suspect Goldley is a stoner. He has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, but his constantly chill nature and the fact that he lives on a huge farm with lots of strange plants have lead others to these suspicions

 - Here are some other miscellaneous members of the Gold family (mostly cousins). They've got a bit of a Minecraft theme going


I'm doin' these again I guess. It's been a couple months since the last set, but y'know...laziness. Where does one go to purchase motivation?
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StormDragon-MLP Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
He looks awesome!
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StormDragon-MLP Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
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:0 He's so cool.
GG on the bio lol.
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